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Eclipse is an ancient Living Star who turned away from his kin eons ago, becoming a being of pure entropy. While the Living Stars strive to protect the structure of time, Eclipse seeks to restructure it to his own advantage. To further this goal, he created the Kra'lythe Sect, a group of followers that share fragments of his power. In recent days, he has allied himself with the wizard Mazkertis and has joined his Kindred of Dawn.



To the uninitiated, Eclipse appears as a simple solar eclipse, albeit one that moves and destroys everything in its path. His exact size varies, changing depending on his surroundings or the current situation. Sometimes, it appears as if some kind of misty fog is crossing his surface, but this is merely the chaos energy that makes up his form realigning itself. If he needs to physically interact with anything, he shapeshifts "hands" that float in front of his main form.

When communicating with mortals, Eclipse will sometimes shapeshift burning yellow facial features so that they can read his expression. This has been described as "very unsettling" by everyone who has witnessed it, but he continues to do this as a way of unnerving the uninitiated.


Eclipse is extremely intelligent, capable of processing the thoughts and feelings of whole armies of people at once to better learn how to utilize them in his schemes. He is also very knowledgeable in the history of the Original Universe and the structure of its adjacent dimensions due to his many travels through time and beyond. Despite his vast knowledge, he is extremely secretive, refusing to share much of what he knows even with his followers unless they need to know information that is relevant to a mission. It is difficult to come to other conclusions about his personality because his motivation for wanting to manipulate time remains a mystery.



The exact circumstances surrounding Eclipse's separation from the Living Stars and his transformation into a being of pure chaos is unknown, but he and the Living Stars have been opposed to each other since the dawn of time (or very close to it). The Living Star he has most come into conflict with is TBS, who is often the first to arrive whenever Eclipse damages the timeline or the fabric of reality. Eventually, Eclipse realized that he needed to act in more than one place at once in order to succeed against the Living Stars; to this end, he created the Kra'lythe Sect and imbued them with some of his power. The being known as Quolas was apparently one of the first inducted into the sect, but it was against his will, and Quolas would end up defecting to the Living Stars many years from then. Fortunately, Genetoes was able to fill the void. Genetoes ended up impressing Eclipse so much that he made him the leader of the Kra'lythe, second only to himself.

Appearance In-Game[edit]

Eclipse's first appearance in BZPB came during a battle between Deathsaurus and Yon. When Chikato made a missile fired by Deathsaurus explode, the shards of the missile melted into the floor and dark spores rose out of the ground, becoming Eclipse. Eclipse instantly nuked the battlefield with a wave of chaos energy, destroying everything in its path (but Deathsaurus, Chikato, and Yon all survived to fight another day).

A sprite of Eclipse made by Shroom

Eclipse appeared again during the Battle of Mata Nui II, and attempted to sway Blackout to his cause. Mid-conversation, TBS tracked Eclipse to his present location, and appeared to fight him. Blackout wasn't impressed by Eclipse's offer either, so he blasted the black sun with lightning. This didn't harm the black sun at all, but it got the point across. Eclipse turned his attention to something else instead: a skirmish between Genetoes and Nosmilo elsewhere on the battlefield. Eclipse assisted his servant by smashing Nosmilo five miles away. Advanced Dal then appeared and attacked Genetoes, but Eclipse crushed him into a fine mist. Eclipse then sent the insides of Dal to an artificial disaster, altered time to make said disaster happen over and over again, and then sent them to another plane of existence.

Later, Eclipse started hunting down Vorahk-Kah for some reason. When he arrived at his location and saw TBS also fighting the mutated Rahkshi, Eclipse decided to join in. Despite the overwhelming odds against him, Vorahk-Kah survived, probably because Eclipse and TBS went back to fighting each other instead.

During the Battle of Lantea, Ynot decided to use the Vahi Cube. Eclipse detected the use of the cube and undid all time editing. This caused a lot of insanity, which meant that none of that ever happened.

Much, much later in the RPG, Genetoes stated to Quolas that Eclipse was in a "full eclipse", meaning that he was in a deep sleep.

The Dying of the Light[edit]

In Chapter 10 of The Mazkertis Paradox, it was revealed why Eclipse and the Living Stars had been missing for so long. In 150,082 CMT, Genetoes discovered the existence of the Knowledge Dimension. During his stay in the dimension, he discovered many things, such as the fact that Eclipse and the Living Stars had the hidden ability to absorb other Living Stars to increase their power. He also discovered the location of the Forest of Lights and that all Living Stars had the hidden ability to travel between universes - they were just not aware of it. Genetoes took this information to Eclipse, who decided to test the theory that he could absorb other Living Stars by attacking the Forest of Lights and absorbing their leader, Sun.

In the following battle, Eclipse killed Sun's aides by extinguishing their light in order to clear a path to Sun. When he finally reached him, Eclipse engulfed Sun, absorbing him into his body and becoming twice as large as before. Now that he had achieved his objective, Eclipse opened a portal back to his home realm which he and the remaining Kra'lythe escaped through. However, unknown to Eclipse, Vrentus had already gleaned Eclipse's new knowledge from Genetoes's mind. In response to this, Vrentus and the remaining Living Stars decided to begin a quest to absorb their counterparts throughout the BZPB Multiverse to increase their power in order to destroy Eclipse and the Kra'lythe once and for all and any other threats to time that would reveal themselves in the future.

The Mazkertis Paradox[edit]

In 150,084 CMT, Eclipse was seen floating through the Original Universe. Strangely, he seemed to be gravely injured and in some kind of protective hibernation. He was soon found by Genetoes, who used some sort of magical lighter to break Eclipse's protective shell, rejuvenate his form, and wake him from his slumber. Genetoes welcomed his master back to the waking world and told him that they were "needed again".[1]

Four days later, Mazkertis used a technique that he had previously read in Quolas's mind to summon Genetoes. Eclipse followed Genetoes to their meeting place, and accepted Mazkertis's invitation for them to join his quest to rewrite the timelines of both the Original Universe and the Dark Mirror Universe. Eclipse and Genetoes told Mazkertis that they wanted to join him to spite the Time Guardians, but it is likely that Eclipse intends to use Mazkertis for his own purposes.[2]

Three days after their initial meeting with Mazkertis, Eclipse and Genetoes met with the wizard on Kalta Thaea, alongside many other characters who were interested in hearing about Mazkertis's crusade. Eclipse said nothing in the meeting, but Genetoes spoke on Eclipse's behalf, telling Mazkertis that they stood with him. It was then that Eclipse, Genetoes, and the other characters who chose to join Mazkertis became part of his new brotherhood: the Kindred of Dawn.[2]

Eclipse and Genetoes were still on Kalta Thaea when Lord Zrintch arrived and met with Mazkertis. Eclipse said nothing as he stared into the horizon of space.[3]

From her observations in the aleph point of the Hyperdimension, the Chousin sister Tokimi discovered that Eclipse had recently sent his acolytes throughout the universe to spread the word of Mazkertis, hoping to recruit more powerful figures to their cause.[4]

Tsunami used her powers to look into the past to discover why the Living Stars were not around to fight the threat that Mazkertis posed to the timestream. In her search for answers, she witnessed the battle in the Forest of Lights, the death of Sun, and the decision that the remaining Living Stars made to absorb their counterparts across the multiverse so that they could more effectively combat Eclipse and threats like him in the future. She showed her sisters what she had learned through a memory tablet on which the battle was recorded. (NOTE: The details of this battle and Eclipse's part in it are described under the heading "The Dying of the Light" above, in order to keep the events of this article in chronological order.)[4]

Though witnessing the battle through the memory tablet answered many of the questions that the Chousin had about the Living Stars, Tokimi pointed out that they still did not know what had happened to Eclipse that injured him so badly that he had to go into a state of protective hibernation. She speculated that it was maybe one of the other Living Stars, who had become more powerful than Eclipse due to their absorption of counterparts. Tsunami commented that that question was something that they had to ask TBS once they found him.[4]

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Few things can hurt Eclipse, since the entirety of his form is made up of chaos energy, but what neutralizes chaos can also damage the cohesion of his form. He can use chaos energy for a variety of effects:

  • Chaos Energy Manipulation - Eclipse has complete control over chaos energy and can manipulate it in any way possible.
  • Chaos Energy Absorption - Eclipse survives on chaos energy. If he has expended too much of it, he must absorb more to continue existing.
  • Regeneration - If Eclipse's physical form is damaged in any way, he can heal himself by transfering some of the chaos energy that makes up his form to "fill the wound" of the affected area.
  • Shapeshifting - Eclipse can change his size at will. He can be anywhere from the size of a small house to the size of an average star. This is achieved by either condensing or expanding the chaos energy that makes up his form, but if he grows too big, he must absorb more chaos energy to avoid stretching himself too thin.
  • Telepathic Communication - Eclipse primarily communicates telepathically with his followers and enemies, though he has been known to speak on occasion. It is unknown if he has other telepathic abilities besides communication.
  • Teleportation - Eclipse can teleport anywhere in or outside the universe. This teleportation is often violent and bypasses the sixth dimension, causing small tears in the fabric of reality.
  • Time Travel - Eclipse can instantly travel to any time, past, present and future, though he feels a compulsion to return to the present after spending a while in a different time period.

Alternate Universes[edit]

Versions of Eclipse existed in a number of alternate universes, but none of them have been identified to date. In many of them, he was absorbed by other Living Stars, who were under the impression that absorbing his matter would make them more powerful. According to Tsunami of the Chousin, this was a terrible idea, because the energy that makes up the Living Stars' forms cannot merge with the chaos energy that makes up Eclipse's form without disrupting the cohesion of their bodies. This means that the more chaos energy a Living Star tries to merge with, the more difficult it will be for them to use their powers without exploding. The Chousin would warn them about this, but they have not yet determined which universe they are currently inhabiting, so they would have to find them first.

At least one alternate Eclipse was absorbed by a powered-up TBS.


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