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Dusk and Dawn







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Dark Mirror Universe
    Matoran Universe
        Metru Nui
    A strange crystalline city



Dusk and Dawn was a multi-part story that was written by User:Klak some time in the past and reposted on BZPower in 2009. It was set in the Dark Mirror Universe, picking up after the events of Dark Mirror, an official BIONICLE serial. It is notable for featuring early appearances of D-Klak and DM Helryx, two characters who became prominent in the BZPB RPG.


In early 2017, the archive of Dusk and Dawn was removed from the Wayback Machine. This was due to one of two reasons: either it was an error on the Internet Archive's part, or BZPower's administrators removed or modified their site's current robots.txt file to instruct web crawler bots not to archive the site. For some reason, the Internet Archive has a nonsensical policy of retroactively destroying archives if its crawler bots detect that the website's current robots.txt file is missing or configured to instruct robots not to archive the site. Yes, that's right folks, the Internet Archive programs their bots to destroy website archives if a text file on the current version of that website is changed! You can find more information about this idiotic policy here, and the (now dead) link to Dusk and Dawn here.


The following synopsis is User:Kon's recollection of what happened across all three chapters of Dusk and Dawn, combined with paraphrased information that was added to the wiki elsewhere back when the archive of Dusk and Dawn was accessible.


The opening of the story takes place ten years after the end of Dark Mirror, where Ancient is now living in a strange crystalline city in an unknown location or dimension outside the Matoran Universe. According to Ancient, the Order of Mata Nui wiped the memories of the Matoran Universe's inhabitants so that they forgot what really happened as a result of the Brotherhood of Makuta's attempt to take over the universe. Ancient decides that he wants the city's inhabitants to know how they came to live in the city, so he calls the Recorder to his side and orders him to write down everything that he is about to dictate.

The War Council[edit]

The rest of the story takes place ten minutes after the end of Dark Mirror. At the Metru Nui Coliseum, Lesovikk sees one of the severed halves of Toa Tuyet's body and announces that the tyrant has been killed. The fighting stops and Dume tells the surviving members of the Resistance and the Toa Empire that the remaining leaders of both factions should meet with him in Ta-Metru to discuss the future of their universe.

The meeting is attended by Ancient, Pohatu, and the Shadowed One on behalf of the Resistance, and Karzahni, Nidhiki, Onua, and two other Toa on behalf of the Toa Empire. Makuta Teridax and his aide Krika also attend, but even though he had fought for the Resistance, Teridax chooses to represent himself instead of either faction. Dume starts the meeting by suggesting that they should form a council to democratically elect the new leaders of the Matoran Universe, but most of the others disagree, especially Onua, who expresses his desire to resurrect the Empire to save Mata Nui. Dume educates Onua on the fact that the Empire never helped Mata Nui at all, and that Tuyet must have poisoned his mind. The Shadowed One scoffs at Dume's idea and deems it futile because someone on the council would likely make a grab for power anyway. Karzahni agrees, but this suggestion is challenged by Pohatu, who defiantly tells the Shadowed One that there is no way that the Dark Hunters would rule without resistance. Teridax comments that his schemes makes the others' plans look like a "Rahi's fantasy", which causes the meeting to further devolve into squabbling and idle threats. Krika stays silent, longing for a peaceful future that is not jeopardised by Teridax's plans.

Eventually, Dume grows tired of the others' bickering, so he declares that he will be the sole leader of the council and sit on the sidelines while the others fight each other in the pointless war that they so desperately crave; and the winner of that war will then have to face him and his Toa to decide the ultimate ruler of the universe. The others agree, so Dume adjourns the meeting.

Outside the meeting venue, the Shadowed One forms an alliance with Karzahni while Ancient watches. Elsewhere, Teridax discusses his plans with several of his Makuta, telling them that he is anticipating the arrival of someone whose power will be so great that Mata Nui himself will be affected, which will cause a cataclysm that will allow them to seize control of the universe. Pohatu and Lesovikk watch the Makuta meeting from nearby: Pohatu tells Lesovikk that they will need help against the Makuta because they are much stronger than the Toa that they had both previously fought. Lesovikk reassures Pohatu by saying that he knows just who to contact.

The Rise of Sanox[edit]

A Le-Matoran, Sanox, becomes lost in the winding tunnels of the Metru Nui Archives after having taken shelter there during the battle between the Resistance and the Toa Empire outside. While exploring the Archives, he comes across the exhibit of the Kanohi Kraahkan, the former mask of Makuta Teridax. Sanox feels inexplicably drawn to the mask, so he breaks the exhibit's casing and puts it on himself. To his shock, he is hit by a surge of energy from the mask that extinguishes his inner light and transforms him into a Toa of Shadows.

D-Klak's Return[edit]

Klak Zemnasu (who would later come to be known as D-Klak), a Kestora who works for the Great Beings, returns to the Matoran Universe after an unknown period spent "supervising" other worlds. He appears in an area below Xia and grabs the Mask of Light, commenting that he must put things right in the universe again. He is confronted by Helryx, who believes him to be an intruder until she sees his face and recognizes his voice. They embrace and discuss D-Klak's return, but are interrupted by a Toa Empire patrol that consists of two Toa: Taldaka and Veriukii, and an unnamed Vortixx. D-Klak attacks them, so Veriukii throws three shuriken knives at D-Klak, but the Kestora dodges them and holds his blade to Veriukii's neck. Veriukii responds by creating a metal wall between him and his opponent, which Taldaka then turns into molten metal with his fire powers. Helryx neutralizes the molten wall by rapidly cooling it with a stream of water, then fires another blast of water at Veriukii strong enough to knock him unconscious. Taldaka then takes a different approach by stepping away from the battle and generating a Nova Blast. Helryx notices this just in time and throws her mace at Taldaka's head, which stuns him and shatters his mask. Helryx then tries to incapacitate him by forming a sphere of water around his head, but Taldaka responds by releasing what energy he had mustered, which covers most of the room in flames and blasts Helryx away. Helryx is unable to subdue all of the flames with her water powers, so she grabs D-Klak and runs for the exit, praying that they will be able to outrun Taldaka's explosive flames before he can release the full extent of his Nova Blast.


Nuju wakes up in the Metru Nui Archives after having previously been dragged there by vines controlled by an enemy Toa of Plant Life. After escaping the dead vines, he hears a terrible scream, so he goes into investigate. At its source, he witnesses Sanox being transformed into a Toa of Shadows by the Kanohi Kraahkan. Sanox hears Nuju sneaking about and is overwhelmed by a desire to kill him, so he fires shadow energy at the Matoran. Nuju flees behind exhibits, using them as cover while Sanox damages hundreds of them with his shadow blasts. Eventually, Sanox succeeds in finding Nuju, restrains him with a Shadow Hand, and picks up a weapon that someone else had discarded. In Nuju's final moments, he ponders why evil is winning, but remembers that there must always be dusk before dawn.


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