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Duke Hydraxis
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Duke Hydraxis is a Phantom Lord and one of Malygos's strongest supporters. He was one of the masterminds behind the Ascension project which briefly crowned Malygos as the Emperor of the Universe.


Duke Hydraxis is one of Malygos's most loyal servants. He was once extremely polite, and generally would not fight unless asked to or provoked, but sometime during the 50,000 year leap, he became a significantly angrier person, having run out of patience for people who got in his way. He is, allegedly, one of the Phantom Lords, though this is unproven, like most information about them. Hydraxis, similar to Sloth, is a being of pure water who can change his body at will. He feels an intense loyalty towards his master, and fully supports Malygos's desires for conquest. He is a general in Malygos's armies.


The Early Years[edit]

Most of Hydraxis's early appearances have been lost to time (BZPower's database crash).

Hydraxis moved to the Matoran Universe with the Phantom Lords some time prior to 100,079 CMT. In that year, he was one of the kings involved in the creation of the Five Kings Treaty. Shortly after the signing of the treaty, he replaced the Phantom Emperor as the leader of the Phantom Lords, which was something that greatly annoyed Blackout, as that meant that he could not enlist the Phantom Lords' help in the Battle of Zev's HQ. However, Hydraxis did end up meeting Zev eventually, but the Juraian used his magic to steal some of Hydraxis's power and put a curse on him without his knowledge.

Some time during the 50,000 year leap, Hydraxis heard of Malygos's plan to create a united empire of magical peoples. He lent his support and became one of the first members of the Dominion as a result.

Shadows Rising[edit]

In 150,080 CMT, Hydraxis was one of the beings who accompanied Malygos when he revealed himself to Blackout on Kamino 3.0. Before he could do anything, however, Zev Raregroove used his newly-granted hyperdimensional powers to collapse Hydraxis's form, effectively turning him into a living puddle. It was then that Zev revealed to Hydraxis the curse he had put on him, and threatened to activate it unless Malygos gave him some information that he needed. As soon as Malygos agreed to Zev's terms, Hydraxis was released from Zev's control. He reformed his body with a newfound hatred for the Juraian prince.

Hydraxis later participated in the Battle of BZPower, using his water powers to sweep away angry BZP members. He also showed up at the tournament that featured many BZPB characters duking it out, but he did not participate.

The New World Order[edit]

Duke Hydraxis's next appearance came in the New World Order arc. He went on a mission to Datrio to find and secure the parts of the planet containing the most ambient magic. At the first such site that they came across, Hydraxis ordered his men to plant a machine in the ground, musing that the area was a "vergence". At the next vergence point, Hydraxis found Wisp, who had gotten lost in the forest. He learned from her that the core vergence point of the planet's magical leylines was somewhere deep underground. When Vi, Makoto, and Kokonoe caught up with Wisp and met Hydraxis, they made a deal with him: Kokonoe would lend him an armagi that would protect him from the seithr underground if he agreed to find and defeat Hakumen, who was lurking in the same area, and return him to them alive. Hydraxis agreed.

When he journeyed into the cave, Hydraxis came across a Noah girl, who was there to secure the leyline vergence point (referred to as the Cauldron) for the Millennium Earl. The Noah girl also made a deal with Hydraxis: If he killed a nearby enemy, the White Susanoo, for her, she would break the wards on the Cauldron, allowing them to share in its energies. Again, Hydraxis agreed.

Hakumen revealed himself to Hydraxis shortly afterwards and engaged his squad in battle. Hydraxis himself was nearly evaporated by one of Hakumen's attacks, but was saved in the nick of time by Tyrigosa erecting a wall between them. Together, they managed to subdue Hakumen and trap him in a binding field. They proceeded towards the Cauldron, but were confronted by Rider, who determined that their intentions for the Cauldron's energy were not pure. She attacked them with spells of light and wind, forcing them up to the surface of another island. By utilizing his water form, Hydraxis revealed the presence of Rider's master, Noodle, who was also drawn into the battle. Rider's attacks eventually got the best of Hydraxis, beating him down and dissipating his form. Tyrigosa panicked and summoned Anzu, who calmed everyone present and asked Noodle and Rider why they were opposing them. Hydraxis reconstituted himself just in time to hear Rider explain that if they accessed the Cauldron, then the Family of Noah would be able to access it too, spelling the end of all things for the planet Datrio. Instead, they came to an agreement: Noodle and Rider would allow Hydraxis and his men to access the Cauldron, on the condition that they work together to keep the Noah from coming anywhere near it.


After years spent charting the universe's magical leylines for the Ascension project, it was finally time for Hydraxis to witness the fruits of his labor. He was invited up to Dominaria's Imperial Palace to bear witness to Malygos's ascension, along with Tyrigosa, Anzu, Doppler, Loki, Steelshadow, and Nikolai Solokhoff. When Malygos became the most powerful being in the universe, Hydraxis became one of the most powerful, by virtue of being one of the Emperor's most trusted allies.

BZPB: Future[edit]

Hydraxis also appeared in the far future - Reckoning era (as a flash-forward in BZPB, not in the F-RPG itself). He, Anzu, and Drakos appeared on Dominaria - which had been turned into a prison by F-Klak before his death - and began killing its guards. Hydraxis directed them towards a Maximum Security wing, which apparently contained something - or someone - they needed to break out.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Hydraxis's entire body is made completely out of pure water. He has two states of being: a standard humanoid form, and a formless body of water that he can use to wash over targets or quickly get from one point to another. He can create water directly and fire it with intensity out of any point on his body. With concentration, he can also form water he creates into shapes such as walls or blades. He has complete control over water in proximity to him, being able to create whirlpools in peaceful lakes or gigantic tidal waves. He can also absorb certain amounts of water into his body which increases the size of his form, effectively making him more powerful.

Hydraxis can also control the temperature of his body, enabling him to freeze certain parts of his body to make them more solid, and thus more dangerous in combat.