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Dukamu MOC by JS
Kivalon (Brother)
Xikila (Half-sister)
Trantoshen (Adopted son, deceased)
Twin blades, unknown blaster made from some of the the Nakamura's parts, portal gun
The Simurgh
Many others in his Legion
The Users
Anyone who opposes him
Home Reality
"I have journeyed beyond the limits of reality... past the borders that have been defined for us. I have seen what must not be seen. I have entered the realm of the gods."
Dukamu to Kakamu, The Mazkertis Paradox Chapter 3: Freedom

Dukamu is the version of Kakamu from the Dark Universe. As with most other Dark Universe inhabitants, he is bent on conquest and destruction.


He arrived in the OU through a portal at Side 8, and teleported away when the giant self-destructed. He then met Vorahk-Kah in one of the pocket dimensions that he travels through. He wasn't supposed to be there, so he stabbed him and crushed his head under his foot.

Upon hearing of the Nakamura, he went to it but found that it was crashed on Alaine. Immediately he built some kind of gun from parts from the control panel, and revealed to the audience that the DU version of Serecio showed him how to make it, and he killed him with it.

He went on a rampage with his new weapon, randomly blasting people. Using his portal gun, he travelled to Vassilan, but was intercepted by DU Le Chiffre. They fought for a while, but Dukamu, getting bored, portalled to the pocket dimension that is used as one of the gateways from the DU to the OU. There he met Kakamu (SMU) and they beamed to a black rocky planet, to arm themselves.

Much later, it was revealed that they had been building a direct portal to the Dark Universe to use instead of pocket dimensions. This was so they could bring Monarch through safely, as most of the dimensional passages to the DU had been closed off at that time. Dukamu greeted Monarch, and told him that they were at "stage six" of "the plan". Monarch also met SMK while there, who accidentally revealed that the Shattered Mirror Universe was not a splinter timeline of the Dark Universe, and was in fact completely independent. Not wishing to work with someone not from their universe, Monarch destroyed SMK's armour in front of Dukamu and exiled his antidermis to the UG. Dukamu understood that he did what had to be done, as he wasn't aware that the SMU was completely different from the DU until that point. Dukamu then instructed Monarch to repopulate the UG, which he did by abducting several characters from across the multiverse.

Dukamu was most recently seen breaking into the Knowledge Dimension along with DU Monarch and another minion of his, DU Claw. Arriving in the library on "Soul Magnets", Dukamu observed Claw sever a guard's psionic implants, causing her neural processes to scramble and turning her insane. Dukamu stated that "The Aleph awaits", and ordered Claw to bring the guard along with them, because her head might still contain valuable information.