Dreis Bright (OU)

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Dreis Bright
Dreis Bright.png
Twin 12.7mm assault revolvers,
Bowie knife, assorted shuriken
Home Reality

Dreis Bright is a hired gun, mercenary, criminal and fighter under the current employment of Project D as a security guard and muscle man.


Bright is droll, with a dry sense of humour and no sense of morality. He once said that he'd kill everyone he came across for a year if the price was high enough to cover the effort. Dreis is extremely lazy, and will only act when it is absolutely necessary; or, when a large sum of money is at stake. He has a fondness for dogs, cash, revolvers and Big Dan burgers. He is 6'2" and weighs 84kg.

Bright's talents include knife-fighting, championship level revolver shooting, extortion, interrogation, duplicity, manipulation, coercion, subterfuge and a style of boxing known as 'slugging'.


Bright was born in a poor area of Jang-Ka, a sprawling industrial metropolis on the surface of Hang-Shu. He lived through the Extermination, a cull of his caste, but managed to survive by apprenticing himself in an official fighting ring. After a controversy about drug abuse, Bright was dropped from the circuit, and turned to a mafia closely associated with the ring. He worked from his early twenties as a hired thug, hit-man and fight-rigger, and only after his Boss was killed in a great fall did he head off of the planet as a mercenary at the age of 30.

Bright later found himself in the employ of Project D, who offered a considerable wage packet for guarding a MacDaniel restaurant. His motivations seem to be only for monetary gain, as he is indifferent toward the goals of Project D.

Dreis Bright met with Captain Eurobeat in a completely nondescript and inconspicuous MacDaniel restaurant on Malchior IV.


  • Dreis converted to MacDaniel after Burger Queen served him a burger without sautéed onions. This put him off for life.
  • Dreis' appearance is based on Ryuji Yamazaki's, a character that appears in SNK's King Of Fighters series.