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Dreadwing in his robot (top) and jet (bottom) forms.
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This article is about the Seeker who participated in the Battle of Omega Supreme. He is not to be confused with Dreadwind or Darkwing.

Dreadwing was a Cybertronian Seeker and a protégé of BlackZarak who participated in the Battle of Omega Supreme.


In the Battle of Omega Supreme, Dreadwing appeared behind Rainn Sulrai's spaceship in jet form and fired missiles at it.[1] Rainn dodged the missiles with a barrel roll and returned fire,[2] but Dreadwing evaded the gunfire and transformed into robot mode to grab onto the hull of Rainn's ship.[3] Rainn reacted by diving towards the surface of Omega Supreme,[4] tearing the hull from Dreadwing's grip, so Dreadwing threw a bomb after him and fired lasers at Aster.[5] Rainn caught the bomb and threw it back at Dreadwing,[6] but Dreadwing also caught it and threw it back. Before the bomb could reach its target, however, it collided with another bomb thrown by Aster and exploded.[7] Rainn tried to use the distraction from the explosion to escape,[8] but Dreadwing noticed this and summoned a fleet of fellow Seekers to lead into battle against Rainn.[9] The Seekers, Dreadwing included, fired gatling guns and missiles at Rainn,[10] who evaded the attacks with a barrel roll and spun his ship around, firing at the Seekers head-on.[11] Though one of the Seekers was shot down, Dreadwing kept his resolve and began to increase the temperature of Rainn's ship's hull to extreme levels; a technique he had learned from BlackZarak.[12] Rainn tried to escape by flying towards Omega Supreme,[13] but Dreadwing continued to turn up the heat regardless.[14]

In response, Rainn gloated that he was about to crash into Omega Supreme and die with Aster and Jortenn Karzdus on board, fellow heads of Malchiorian Intelligence,[15] which amused Dreadwing because "Malchiorians have no intelligence... and none of you are even Malchiorian". The hull then began to reach critical temperature,[16] prompting those on board to put on their spacesuits and prepare to abandon ship.[17] Dreadwing placed bombs on the hull and flew away instead of continuing to heat the hull past critical temperature,[18] but Rainn, Aster, and Jortenn bailed out of the ship regardless and landed on the surface of Omega Supreme, where they were joined by Jinx.[19]

Dreadwing flew after Rainn, Aster, Jortenn, and Jinx and fired missiles at them while Barricade and Brawl appeared and helped Dreadwing to attack the four.[20] Rainn kicked Dreadwing in the face[21] despite the fact that he was in jet mode, which greatly confused Dreadwing[22] - Rainn proclaimed this to be "Rainn logic" and followed it up with a punch.[23] Dreadwing then fired a flamethrower at Rainn at the same time that Barricade fired a lightning bolt at Jinx,[24] but both enemies dodged the attacks so that Barricade's lightning hit Dreadwing instead.[25] Before Dreadwing could recover, Aster stabbed him with an ice shard[26] twice and kicked him away.[27]

Dreadwing was later recovered from Omega Supreme and was rushed to the medbay aboard the Dreadnought by some Rahkshi.[28]


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