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Dr. Doppler
Formal Name
Dr. Thomas K. Doppler
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Doctor Thomas K. Doppler is a scientist working under Malygos. He may be the second most intelligent being in the universe, and, unlike most scientists, is perfectly sane.


Doppler is one of Malygos's most trusted associates, and the one Malygos has the most respect for. This draws some envy from the others, but he has earned their trust as well. Doppler works for Malygos because Malygos is possibly the only reasonable authority figure left in the universe. Doppler may also have some connection to Washu given his uncanny understanding of most things.

He takes a skeptical approach to most problems, and tries to explain things rationally. He has an intense dislike of chaos and disorder, and will go at any length to stop it.


Doppler comes from the planet Canis Major, currently part of Malygos's empire. Once Doppler started studying, he couldn't stop, and because Canisian society awards high status to those earning a doctoral degree, Doppler rose to become the de facto ruler of Canis by virtue of possessing over thirty doctorates.

When Malygos was building the Dominion, Doppler willingly allowed Canis Major to fall into Malygos's hands due to his obsessions with order.

At some point, Vultran captured and experimented on Doppler. When Doppler found out, he was enraged, and a rivalry formed between them.

One of his most recent activities was working with Malygos on the Ascension project.

Contributions to Science[edit]

  • Equations describing magic in scientific terms
  • Much of cybernetics
  • Lasers that actually work correctly
  • Non-magical teleporters
  • Artificial Life
  • The Terrace 2.5 (and upwards)

As well as much more.

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