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Home Reality

Double was a monstrous shapeshifting being who served the Trinity.


Double disguised as a humanoid nun

Visit to Dekan[edit]

In 150,084 CMT, Double appeared aboard Peacock's ship in her nun disguise and offered to reward her if she attacked Dekan to "distract people" from Double and the Trinity. When Peacock left to carry out her mission, Double lamented the fact that she had to consort with "louts" in the name of the Trinity and teleported away in the hope that Valentine had found a "good show" for her to watch.[1]

The Mazkertis Paradox[edit]

Double later teleported back onto Peacock's ship (likely to check on her progress), but became trapped in a time bubble. This was because one or more Users had placed a time bubble generator on the ground nearby that had frozen the entire area in time in an attempt to "pause" the Dekan subplot.[2]

On Day 4 of The Mazkertis Paradox arc, Boltman destroyed the time bubble generator when he was examining the surface of Dekan for anime characters, thereby freeing Double and Peacock from the time bubble. Peacock called Double over to the side of the ship to see their rescuers: the "losers" Boltman and the YONBOTS. Peacock then challenged Boltman to a duel: if he won, she would give him one of her best weapons. Unfortunately, Boltman had a better idea: he would take her weapons by force. The Yellow Fellow responded by flinging a lightning bolt into Peacock's head, killing her instantly. When Double's initial shock subsided, she transformed into her true form to avenge Peacock. Boltman commanded his YONBOTS to fire on Double, but they could not because she appeared to have only one eye: their creator, Yon, had previously programmed them not to fire on anything that had one eye, to prevent them from ever firing on him.[2]

Double ripped open the right side of Boltman's chest with a spiked tentacle and prepared to swing again, but Boltman grabbed it and severed it with his eyebeams. He then struck Double with a lightning bolt and grappled with her in mid-air as she tried to drag him towards herself. The more appendages Double manifested, the more Boltman severed with his eyebeams or brute force. Eventually, Boltman was able to tear off the cloth that covered the lower part of Double's midsection, which revealed the presence of four additional eyes. With Double's additional eyes exposed, the YONBOTS recognized that she was not a monocular creature, and was therefore a valid target. The YONBOTS fired all of their eyebeams into Double at the same time, which caused her to explode in a shower of gore.[2]

The battle between Double and Boltman was witnessed by the We'd Warriors, who congratulated Boltman on his victory shortly before he and the YONBOTS left the planet.[3]

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Shapeshifting: Double could freely shapeshift her mass into various appendages and even disguise herself as a humanoid nun.[2]
  • Teleportation: Double could teleport. One of her teleportations is described as follows: "Big pink tendrils lined with glowing gold eyes rise up around her, and close in. They steadily shrink down into a sphere, losing eyes along the way until it pops out of existence with a fizzle".[1]


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