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Delina the Crafting Faerie, on her home of Myrrh Island.

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Residing on Myrrh Island on the planet of Datrio, Delina is a Faerie who is an old friend of Fisher Tiger, Captain of the Sunny Pirates.

Known as the Crafting Faerie, Delina prefers to use her own skills in handicrafts and such to solve her problems; rather than using magic in all daily activities, like most Faeries in the area are tend to do. In general, she's exceptionally unlike most Faeries; from her preference to scarcely use magic to her choice of outfits right down to her behavior and mannerisms, Delina is among the most unique Faeries there are.

She regularly sends individuals from offshore of Myrrh Island to collect materials she can then work with, from bottles of glitter to pieces of scrap wire to precious gemstones. Helpers are rewarded with various creations of hers, from simple accessories to items which are enchanted when Delina feels like exercising her magical powers for such.


Constantly smiling and laughing readily, Delina is an extremely gregarious, outgoing character. She loves making jokes and having visitors to her home, and is always happy to help out someone in need. While she wields potent magic like any Faerie, Delina prefers to work with her hands to solve problems and not just use her spells day in and day out, 24/7, to make it through life.


Delina was first introduced on Myrrh Island, welcoming Fisher Tiger and Marak "The Wave" of the Sunny Pirates crew into her home. Once they'd sat down to eat, chat, and for Fisher to hand over the materials he'd acquired for Delina, she handed out a few gifts she'd made for the two. The trio were in the front room of the Crafting Faerie's house, enjoying Myrrh Island's weather; however, after a number of huge machines attacked the local Water Faeries, Delina followed Fisher and Marak to where they destroyed the last two assailants. After explaining what little she knew of the attackers, Delina volunteered to help Fisher with his new venture to explore the local caves.


As mentioned, Delina prefers to fashion objects through dexterity and skill rather than relying on magic. She loves crafting accessories and such, making good use of any materials possible and with her exceptionally creative sort of mind. However, while she prefers to use magic only where it's needed, she's also a highly capable enchanter when it comes to attaching special effects to items.


  • Delina is one of BZPB's characters with a unique laugh; hers being "Nishishishi!"
  • Delina has stated that she is a "Dark" Faerie.