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Dekan is a wetland world somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy.

Apart from its few small oceans, the planet is completely covered in swamps and marshes that fade to peat. Even the North and South poles contain Arctic swamps, with coniferous trees and lichen, surrounded by frozen water. Its land is split up into three continents which are separated by the ocean.

Its inhabitants call themselves "Dekans", though the planet is home to several different dominant species. While most of them live in mud or wood huts in relative poverty, they are technologically astute, as they appear to be capable of building metal homes with holo-interfaces and computers if given the right materials. One species known to live on Dekan resembles a cross between a leech and an alligator, and another species resembles an orc from Earth mythology.

Only two alien beings not native to this world are known to have visited it: Flesh-Eater and The Visitor.