Death Vanguard

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Death Vanguard
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The Death Vanguard are the personal army of Ludwig von Todesfal. They are currently assisting the Kindred of Dawn.


Uterio War[edit]

In 150,081 CMT, the Council of the Great Beings assembled to discuss Uterio's motion to go to war against the rest of the BZPB Multiverse. Ludwig von Todesfal told Uterio that he was a fool for thinking that mere mortals were threats to the Great Beings, and stated that he would not deploy the Death Vanguard to fight Uterio's enemies.[1] A class-W reality quake then occurred that piqued Ludwig's interest, so he told the Council that he would take the entire Death Vanguard to investigate it.[2] Ludwig left with Ouandis to investigate the reality quake aboard the Eclipse Spiral after the meeting.[3] It was not explicitly stated that Ludwig brought the Death Vanguard with him, but Ouandis thanked him for bringing his "DarkGuard" instead, which may or may not have been the same thing as the Death Vanguard.[4]

The Mazkertis Paradox[edit]

In 150,084 CMT, Ludwig von Todesfal was forced to work with the Kindred of Dawn. Part of his assistance included supplying them with Death Vanguard soldiers.[5]

Part of the Death Vanguard accompanied Mazkertis to Datrio, where he intended to prepare a spell named the "Twilight Storm" that would summon countless shades and allow him to absorb the life force of many innocent bystanders. The Death Vanguard were ordered to block access to the building that Mazkertis was preparing to conjure his spell on. Raziel took command of two Death Vanguard soldiers in securing the perimeter, with the rest following either Genetoes or Minutún.[5]

The Death Vanguard came into conflict with the Claws of the Phoenix when the Claws arrived on Datrio to stop Mazkertis. In the following battle, one of the Death Vanguard was driven insane by Caiaphus's Fear Kraata power, but another slashed at Tezzeret with a beam saber. Tezzeret took on the rest of the Death Vanguard by himself, but was stunned when his metallic arm was destroyed by Cassius Calm's corrupted chakra, which gave a Death Vanguard soldier the opportunity to knock Tezzeret unconscious with a punch to the face. The surviving Death Vanguard soldiers returned to Kalta Thaea with the Kindred when Mazkertis finished his spell.[5]

On Day 69, the Death Vanguard were one of several groups of soldiers (with the others being Lurians, Rahkshi, and Kra'lythe) who were present in the Kindred of Dawn's base.[6]