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A Summertime Planet of tropical climate, Datrio is a medium-sized planet that was recently attacked by Nightmares, and is the present location of Feferi Peixes' hive. It is also home to a large navy, and pirate crews like the Sunny Pirates.


West City[edit]

The largest city on Datrio, West City is home to a great number of merchants and plays hosts to several festivals throughout the year. Largely a port town, it was attacked by the Nightmare Vam Fel and his minions for presently unknown reasons. It is where Indigo Marrallang have taken up residence.

Myrrh Island[edit]

Pleasantly mild compared to the rest of Datrio, Myrrh Island is primarily flat, interrupted by a few hills that somewhat approach the height of mountains. A path leads from the beach to the main city, where a large number of Faeries live either within or in the vicinity of - Including Delina the Crafting Faerie. Nearby the walled city are small cottages, a number of streams and ponds, an upright game wheel of great size, a small grove, and a series of tunnels up in the taller hills.


  • The name Datrio was come up with right off the top of the creator's head.