Dark Tide

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Rights to Games-Workshop where due, image of original Mars-Class battlecruiser

The Dark Tide is the ship currently owned by Osseron, a heavily modified Mars-Class Battlecruiser from the Warhammer 40K Universe.

It is believed that it is the only surviving ship from the original convoy Osseron was a part of, as Osseron has not said anything more of what happened to the rest of the convoy.

Osseron has used his tech-savvyness to incorporate many weapons systems into the ships, as well as a variety of support modules.



Length: 5.4 Kilometers

Width: .85 Km (850 Meters) at widest point, 575m along main hull.

Mass: 33 megatonnes base hull

Max Acceleration: 2.6 gravities max sustainable.

Crew:107,000 crew, approx (all replaced by drones)

Defensive systems[edit]

Primary shielding: Phase shielding supported by lattice shielding system

Secondary Shielding: Void Shields, inoperable while primary shields are activated, explosively collapse

Armour: 12 meters, 4 meters, 3 meters of solid adamantium along front*, sides, rear

  • Front has traditional armoured prow, which can split open to reveal Exterminatus delivery system.


Sub-Light Drives: Plasma/Magpulse [Backwash Hazard]

FTL Drive: Dimensional Tunnelling Drive

  • ('Jump' Drive, it creates a wormhole between 2 points, and pushes ship through the tunnel)
  • [hazard if not designated as 'jump buddy' prior to activation]

Power core: Fusion/Fission Plant (resultant plasma used for propulsion)

Weapons Systems[edit]

2x 6000mm Gatling artillery cannons mounted along dorsal/keel

12x Missile Pod Systems along Keel, linked to mass target-painter system

  • One Missile Pod System is a grid with dimension of 8 by 7 launchers (total 56 missile launchers per pod)

2x Macrobattery broadsides (as seen in image)

2x Fighter launch Bays (as seen in image) Mostly repurposed for drones

1x Expanded Nova Cannon hidden along ship's length, can be used as exterminatus delivery system

(Hundreds)x Heavy multilaser point-defense batteries along ship

Supplementary Systems[edit]

Teleportarium (purpose should be obvious)

Miniature Manufactorium ('Tiny' multipurpose factory used to replenish ammunition and drones on the ship)

Secondary Command and Control Center (hidden within the center of the hull, this can be used to co-ordinate armies from orbit as well as act as a secondary bridge)

Mind Impulse Unit (Allows Osseron to literally plug into the ship and direct a specific system)

Advanced Machine Spirit (this self-aware A.I. acts as Osseron's co-pilot... and was arguably the only company he had before he met the BZPB people...)