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Acting Captain of the TSS Bouncy-Ball
Pac (Father)
Tan (Mother)
Phaser rifle
Terugan Space Systems (Formerly)
Home Reality

Dan Pactan was the Terugan First Officer and later Acting Captain of the TSS Bouncy-Ball. He has since retired from the TSS to live on Atuar Sadiares.


Dan was originally the First Officer to the original captain, Oct. He had been present on the Bouncy-Ball ever since it was first launched from Teruga Prime. After Oct was captured by DU Monarch, Dan took command of the ship. One of his first decisions as Acting Captain was to return the crew to their homeworld for the first time since the ship was launched, to help Terugan rebels on the surface fight off the lingering ZFT forces. This is because the planet's president had just been assassinated, and the Terugan people believed the ZFT occupation orchestrated his murder.

Shortly after the ship landed on the planet, Dan helped his crew carry supplies off the ship to aid the rebel forces. He then decided to patrol the perimeter with a redshirt, but Blackout appeared, killed the redshirt and forcibly entered Dan's mind to learn about his whereabouts. Learning what he needed to, Blackout then said to Dan that he would take his ship, but the alarm had already been raised by other nearby crewmembers. The Bouncy-Ball took off without them, but Blackout teleported on board it, leaving Dan in the quarry by himself. A few minutes passed, and Dan fought a wandering Gorn ZFT soldier with his bare hands. He eventually managed to kill it with a rock, and climbed out of the quarry to see Kek & Lel touch down in a parachute. The three began their journey back to civilization. Several weeks passed, and they traveled from one worn-torn city to the next, but they eventually found rescue in the form of a Red Cross ship. Dan asked the captain if he would be willing to give them a lift off the planet, but Kek and Lel decided it would be better to just climb on board, beat them up and throw them out. They left the planet in their stolen ship and ditched it when they arrived on Atuar Sadiares. Unlike Kek and Lel, Dan knew his bank details by heart, and so was able to pay for a permanent room in a high-quality area far away from his two former crewmembers.

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