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The Dalek Supreme (center) flanked by two Dalek soldiers
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The Daleks are an advanced but insane species of mutants who aim to conquer the universe by eradicating all other forms of life.


Early History[edit]

The Daleks rose to prominence when they created a reality bomb aboard the Dalek Crucible, which they intended to use to destroy the entire BZPB Multiverse and become the only forms of life in existence. When Blackout became aware of this threat, he formed a massive army[1] that included Artrix, BoM Master, Kakamu, Malygos, TMV, Zev Raregroove, and countless others opposed to the Daleks' plan.[2] The allies followed a Dalek saucer that had captured Findor back to the Dalek Crucible, but their army was destroyed with a single cannon blast and the survivors were captured. Blackout[1] and Zev[3] were both brainwashed and forced to attack their allies.[1]

Meanwhile, the Blackout, Overlord Blackout, Ynot, and Hollow Ynot of 150,080 CMT were transported back in time onto the Dalek Crucible through a crack in time.[1] Ynot realized that he did not participate in the battle against the Daleks when it happened,[4] so he decided to hide to avoid altering history.[5] He climbed up a large building to watch the battle from above, but the Daleks detected him and trapped him in a forcefield. Blackout then informed Ynot that Dalek forcefields "let stuff in, but not out",[6] so Ynot looked for another means of escape and realized that he owned a Memory Seal that could return him to his own time. Ynot used the Memory Seal and disappeared,[7] but Blackout and their counterparts were brought with him because they were all linked to the same crack in time.[8]

Afterwards, Malygos teleported to the main control room of the Crucible and deactivated the Dalek Supreme, which freed Blackout and Zev from their brainwashing, then activated the Crucible's self-destruct sequence. The survivors that the Daleks had captured were teleported out as the Crucible and its Dalek inhabitants exploded in their wake.[1]


However, the Dalek race survived the destruction of the Crucible and attacked Trantoshen. The outcome of this confrontation is unknown, but Trantoshen survived.[9]

In 150,080 CMT, the Daleks returned in the Battle of Lantea[10] and attacked Atlantis.[2] The Daleks destroyed Axel Storm's vehicle, the Typhoon,[10] but failed to destroy Atlantis before Blackout could steal it and escape with it intact.[11]

In the Battle of BZPower, Blackout used the Architect's computer to create an amalgam fleet of thousands of alien ships that were programmed to be loyal to him regardless of their natural affiliations. D-Klak noticed that Dalek ships made up part of the fleet.[12] Blackout then ordered the fleet to attack his enemies below, so a mighty battle ensued.[13] Dalek corpses rained around D-Klak as he fell through the air[14] and landed, then teamed up with the BLUE squad to attack more Dalek ships.[15]

Uterio War[edit]

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During the Uterio War, the Daleks sided with Uterio di Armechio. One of their kind served as a prison guard, and many more defended Mordor when the Rebels invaded it.


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