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"Discontinued" by The Architect
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D-Void was a disgraced Phantom Lord who discovered a way to transfer his consciousness into other beings. When he attempted to reclaim power, he was "discontinued" by The Architect.


D-Void was originally an important ally of the Phantom Emperor. However, his fellow Lords' jealousy got in the way, and he was framed for a crime he didn't commit and forced to leave his homeworld in shame.

During his exile, he conducted research and looked for a way to get revenge on those who wronged him. He ended up discovering something else – a way to transfer his consciousness into the bodies of other beings. He used this new ability to capture a large number of beings and use them as 'nodes', as he called them.

Among the beings he captured were Doom and Mine, who he used to travel to the Bouncy-Ball (SMU), take over its Terugan crew and pilot the ship to a nearby moon.

When Caiaphus returned from the dead, D-Void travelled to his location using the form of SM Shockwave and offered him help in achieving his goal in exchange for any and all prisoners the Makuta might take in the process. Despite Caiaphus's reluctance to take prisoners, he agreed to D-Void's proposal, on the condition that he proved himself as a worthy ally. D-Void proved this by dodging the shadow bolt Caiaphus threw at his head and teleporting behind him to hit him with an ice blast. Satisfied by D-Void's performance, Caiaphus beckoned him to follow him to a nearby settlement, but D-Void lagged behind, muttering to himself that he would kill Caiaphus once he had served his purpose.

Suddenly, D-Void was notified of something, and told Caiaphus that he had business to attend to elsewhere. He vanished into a portal but did not return. The Architect later appeared to Caiaphus to tell him that he had removed D-Void from BZPB for reasons unknown.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Some of D-Void's powers were only demonstrated in some of his nodes, making it unclear if which powers originated from him and not his nodes. The only known power confirmed to originate from D-Void himself is Consciousness Transferral, though there may be others.

  • Consciousness Transferral - More complex than simple possession or mind control, D-Void's power actually allowed him to transfer his consciousness into multiple beings and control them all at the same time. He remained fully aware of the surroundings of each of his "nodes", and there was seemingly no limit to the amount of nodes he could take. The eyes of his nodes glowed a bright yellow. He transferred his consciousness via "grey lightning" fired from the hands of his nodes.
  • Forcefield Creation - Demonstrated while in the bodies of Doom and Mine.
  • Portal Creation - Demonstrated while in the bodies of Doom and Mine.
  • Teleportation - Demonstrated while in the body of SM Shockwave.
  • Ice Blasts - Demonstrated while in the body of SM Shockwave.


  • D-Void is named after a Transformers character who could also control the bodies of other beings. The similarities end there, however.