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A Tren Krom-style character loosely based on the Lovecraftian villain, Cthulhu gave Nadle a plan to capture The Norman in order to lure Klak. Also, Mistgun has had interactions with him before, and is one of the few that Cthulhu would actually have to think about fighting. It would be a good idea not to look Cthulhu in the face -- Just ask Crazy Chester. He did once, and ever since he's been locked up in his house, the windows boarded up, every single surface painted black, and Chester just sits in there, talking to the two skinless taxidermies of his dogs. We'll have to blow up his house soon, because he could kill somebody once his house rots and he's able to get out...

...Anyway. The sources say that Cthulhu usually appears as 'A stumbling mountain, with an utterly grotesque visage, and a face comprised of a disgusting mass of tentacles and feelers.' He is limited to how much of his powers he can use by the stars -- When the stars don't shine in his favor, he becomes anchored to his current location, unable to leave...But when the stars do shine in his favor, he can fly to any planet he so wishes, sowing mayhem, destruction and dischord wherever he sets foot.

Atrocious fellow.

Though many would say that he was sucked into a plot hole, he was not. In fact, due to the disastrous effects of the Pandorica, Cthulhu was set free, but somehow teleported across the universe several times, until he landed in a place known as "H.P Lovecraft's Mind". And the rest, as they say, is history...