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Crystal Seers
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The Crystal Seers are a group within the Fall of Cluster Empire that are implied to have clairvoyant or precognitive abilities.


In 150,084 CMT, the Thirteen Starknights of the Fall of Cluster Empire met in the palace of Quartz Athene to discuss how to respond to recent developments in the outer universe. During the meeting, Lord Luster Amazing Fortune noted that the Crystal Seers' predictions that Mazkertis would rise to power turned out to be correct. Lord After Opulent Façade encouraged Lady Hour Tidal Song, head of the Crystal Seers, to describe the intentions of Mazkertis and what her Crystal Seers had seen, but Lord Fortune stated that that would not be necessary because Lady Song had already made her reports on the matter, and that all that was left to decide was how to respond. By the end of the meeting, the Thirteen had decided that Mazkertis must be stopped.[1]