Cruel Angel's Thesis

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Cruel Angel's Thesis


Sefer Yetzirah

Power Rating



Reflect Damage

Cruel Angel's Thesis is the Stand of Sefer Yetzirah. It is one of the most powerful Stands in existence, due to its status as the original Stand.


Cruel Angel's Thesis possesses a bio-mechanical appearance, and its face consists of four orange lights arranged as eyes in an X shape. It has hands, though these are concealed within its claws.

It has the ability to fully reflect damage; instead of damage dealt to it being transmitted to its user, Sefer, as is the norm with Stands, the damage is instead transmitted to Cruel Angel's Thesis's attacker. This means the only way to defeat Cruel Angel's Thesis is to kill Sefer.

It was later revealed that Cruel Angel's Thesis has a mind of its own, and is not truly under the command of Sefer - her instructions are only suggestions to it. It acts out of its desire for self-preservation, meaning it will keep Sefer alive at all costs. Furthermore, it has the ability to fully possess Sefer - though she can fight this to some extent. Given the fact that a CAT-Possessed Sefer would have Cruel Angel's Thesis's reflect damage ability, meaning she couldn't be hurt, and therefore the original, sole method of defeating Cruel Angel's Thesis via killing Sefer would be removed, it is highly likely that this combination would be one of the most powerful single entities in the BZPB Multiverse.

Cruel Angel's Thesis can teleport, and its claws can be used as bladed weapons. It is not known if these are its sole abilities.


It is named for Cruel Angel's Thesis, the opening theme of Neon Genesis Evangelion.