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Crona is a mysterious, unstable being of unknown gender. It has been shown that Crona's body has been tampered with through unknown means, and that this in part has lead to their mind becoming drastically warped.

A Meister of a kind, Crona's partner is Ragnarok, the "Demon Sword" and an entity bonded to their blood. They have yet to be shown in combat fully, but from what's come up thus far in BZPB, Crona is highly dangerous and volatile.


Constantly meek and filled with sadness, Crona is incredibly pitiful to converse with in most cases. They thankfully take any small show of kindness, and seems to rarely, if ever stand up for themselves. However, when significantly provoked, they become highly unreasonable and violent.


Based on conversations with Ragnarok and a nightmare at one point, Crona appears to have been raised by an exceedingly abusive mother who intended to use Crona for combat ability alone. Afterwards, they began travelling with the company of K'theenya and for a time was aboard a Thanagarian ship, battling a strange witch. However, during an unspecified point of time, Crona fell under the influence of a semi-Lovecraftian Notepad.

Later, Ragnarok sent a distraught message to Ferret, pleading for assistance with Crona. Apparently, Crona has gone on an art kick of terrible nature, and has built their own horrid craft. If Ragnarok can manage to guide Crona to the proper location, then it is hoped that Crona can be coaxed back to normal.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • The Black Blood: While information is scarce on this trait, Crona apparently possesses a strangely altered blood that, among other qualities, enables them to take incredible hits without damage. Multiple gunshots at their introduction failed to do more than scuff Crona's clothing. In addition to enhanced durability, the Black Blood also seems to grant enhanced healing, as Crona was implied to have easily recovered from Ragnarok having broken their neck to prevent a disastrous action under the Notepad's enigmatic and perhaps disastrous influence.
  • Scream Resonance: Though not referred to by name, Crona's Scream Resonance is the unique manner in which Crona's and Ragnarok's Souls match in Wavelength. By giving a scream of incredible power, Crona's Soul responds to the sound waves and matches to them, allowing Ragnarok to more easily Resonate for his Weapon Form. However, thus far, it has not been seen put into proper effect, as Ragnarok was unprepared when Crona first gave their scream out of emotional distress.


Seemingly residing within Crona's body, Ragnarok generally spends most of his time bullying Crona and stealing food. When initially introduced, Ragnarok possessed a much greater size than now.

Despite being roughly the size of a small dog and possessing thin, cartoonish arms, Ragnarok has implied that he has a much more powerful form that can be accessed by "consuming" a certain number of souls.


  • "My blood is black..."
  • "The door opens inward..."

- Both catchphrases of Crona's, oft repeated when distressed.


  • Crona was partially introduced much earlier, but only later received a proper, lasting entrance to the game.
  • Crona seems to spend most of their time not fighting or traveling in a selected Corner of Woe nearby, or writing extremely depressing poetry.
  • Written in Japanese phonetics, "Kurona" means "Dark One."

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