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Commissioner Kinsler
Unknown; probably deceased
Home Reality
"Branley... Drive."
Commissioner Kinsler

Commissioner Kinsler was a close ally of John Shepard, though much of his origins and the extent of his involvement in Shepard's plans remain a mystery.


Kinsler was a middle-aged Kenyan man with a large nose and small, beady eyes. He remained in good shape despite his age, strong enough to overpower unsuspecting victims. He wore a nice coat that he didn't like people touching.

Like much of Shepard's inner circle, Kinsler was a foul man who always put his personal interests first. He would frequently abuse his position of power to make sexual advances on young women and arrange hits on others who he felt posed a threat to his position. This behavior earned him the disgust of his colleagues, but the assistance that Kinsler provided Shepard was often invaluable, making him a necessary evil.


Most of Kinsler's early appearances in BZPB have been lost to time, due to BZPower's database crash.

In 150,081 CMT, Kinsler recovered the body of John Shepard, who was in a critical condition following the First Battle of Side 8. He took Shepard to a remote house on an unknown planet and revived him using advanced technology, though this left him dependent on certain cybernetic augmentations to survive. When Shepard regained consciousness, Kinsler started to explain what happened to him but was cut off by DU Zev, who tried to tentacle rape them with ether tendrils.[1] With the timely arrival of his chauffeur, Branley, Kinsler and Shepard managed to escape from Zev in their trusty flying police car.[2]

From there, Kinsler directed them towards the ruins of Side 8. When asked why he saved Shepard, Kinsler replied that "What [he does] here today will be remembered for generations". He refused to elaborate further.[2]

A few moments later, the group came across Muta and Trantoshen, who were trespassing on Zion Cluster territory. Kinsler took a back seat as Shepard jumped from the car to fight them,[3] but to his surprise, Muta detected him, identified him as an aggressor, and telekinetically ripped him out of the car to punch him into another guard.[4]

Side 8 exploded shortly afterwards, making it highly unlikely that Kinsler escaped alive.


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