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The subject of this article appeared in posts or stories that have since been lost in server crashes.
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The subject of this article appeared in content that was lost in the Great Dataclysm or subsequent server crashes. However, the events of those posts and stories are still considered canon and should be added regardless. Add what you remember!
Unknown; human or human-like
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Coco is an incredibly hyperactive girl of unknown origins who took it upon herself to act as Zev Raregroove's personal assistant for a time. She often vanishes without explanation, spending long periods of time lost or confused before eventually finding her way back to Zev. She has now been missing for several years, but this is nothing compared to the length of some of her previous absences.


Coco is very dedicated to Zev, and seems to best comprehend his orders when they are shouted at the top of his lungs and delivered with some terms you'd expect of an army sergeant peppered in. She is very hyperactive, and seems to enjoy moving at high speeds, especially due to her own running.


There is little surviving information regarding Coco's early appearances in the BZPB RPG because most of the posts she appeared in were lost in the Great Dataclysm. All that is known about her early life is that she decided to become the personal assistant of Zev Raregroove, whether he liked it or not, an undetermined (but lengthy) amount of time ago. An old revision of this wiki page states that Coco disappeared from Zev's service approximately two months before the events of the BZPB RPG began (Note: it is unknown where this would be on the established Timeline).[1] The exact cause of her disappearance is unknown, but it is implied that it was somewhat due to the Spanish Inquisition.[1] Coco later caught up with Zev some time when the RPG was still hosted on BZPower.[2]

Coco spent some time with the crew of the Bebop II, but Viriathus got sick of dealing with Coco's manic behavior, so she intentionally abandoned Coco at Fort Briggs so that she could be General Olivier's problem instead. However, Olivier soon got tired of Coco too, so she freed and paid some space pirates to take Coco off her hands. Coco travelled with these space pirates for a while... until they trapped her in an escape pod and left it for the Space Marines to find. The Space Marines found and freed Coco, and though they initially tolerated her (their captain even helped her when she got her head stuck in a bucket), they soon put her back in the escape pod they found her in and dropped it on Kalta Thaea. By some strange stroke of fate, she spotted the Bebop II on the planet, so she ran up to it and entered it via the Military Personnel Pass that she kept from Fort Briggs.[3]

Zev's Coco senses started tingling just moments before she slammed into him, excitedly repeating his name at breakneck speed. With his best sergeant voice, Zev ordered Coco to explain why she had been missing so long, so she recounted what had happened to her from the last time she saw him (Fort Briggs) to the present day. Coco got so worked up that she started bouncing off walls, so Zev summoned Aries to pacify Coco with a Wool Bomb. Fortunately, this seemed to have the desired effect, because Coco drifted off to sleep.[3] Zev lifted her up[4] and handed her over to Aries,[5] but Aries laid her on a couch instead.[6]

Coco has not been seen since. We can safely assume that, if she has not pulled another one of her famous disappearing acts, then someone's thrown her out the airlock again.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Incredible Speed - Coco is ridiculously fast, and her usual sprint is apparently only a fraction of her true speed. It is unknown if this is a result of some special training, a natural talent, or due to some kind of magic.


  • "Hey, I respect you, and I'mma let you finish... but Coco has one of the cutest hats of all time! OF ALL TIME!" - Zev
  • It appears that Coco sucks her thumb while sleeping.


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