Chosen Ones of the Five Empires Galaxy

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Chosen Ones of the Five Empires Galaxy
Membership Information
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Non-operational due to all of its members being frozen in stasis
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The Chosen Ones of the Five Empires Galaxy are a group of sixteen individuals handpicked by Endless Sea to govern the sixteen sectors of the Five Empires Galaxy. The only power higher than them in the galaxy is the emperor that they serve, Gapyriad the Executor.

Each chosen one also has one or more crystals of power, that give them magical abilities for a short time when activated. However, Togariku keeps some of the other Chosen Ones' crystals in his possession, including a seventeenth crystal crafted specially for him by Ouandis. All the crystals can be activated by the user saying aloud the name of the owner of the crystal and the crystal's power.

The Eclipse Spiral serves as a parliamentary building for the Chosen Ones, should they need to discuss something important about the galaxy or their work.