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Chikato is a Time Guardian who works for TBS. He is notorious for showing up in random places to fight people for seemingly no reason.


Much of Chikato's origins and early life are unknown, but he was at some point recruited into the Sha'lythe Sect by the Living Stars to become one of their guardians of time.

Chikato also once stole a pair of Black Six's banhammers, which he has been using as his preferred weapons ever since.

In what was seemingly his first appearance, he attacked Kranxx by sucking him into a pocket dimension in an attempt to crush him. This failed as the pocket dimension collapsed before he could be adequately crushed.

Next, he appeared in the middle of a battle between Deathsaurus and Yon. He used his power to induce explosions to destroy one of Deathsaurus's missiles in mid-air. Unfortunately, this battle caught the attention of Eclipse, who rose out of the ground and nuked the battlefield with a wave of chaos energy, destroying everything in its path (except the other three combatants, who all escaped to fight another day).

Chikato then started tracking down Genetoes to punish him for his crimes against the Time Guardians. When he found him fighting Nosmilo, Chikato kicked Genetoes towards the nearest sun.

Chikato reappeared in the Battle of Mata Nui II after sensing the conflict between Nosmilo and loads of other people. He created an explosion above Ta'harok's head, which did some damage to his face and distracted him long enough for Blackout to throw a spear into his back. Later in the battle, Chikato apparently changed his mind about wanting to kill Ta'harok, and teamed up with said Ta'har to fight Blackout. However, it turned out that the "Blackout" that they were fighting was just a hologram, so Chikato got annoyed and left.

In 150,082 CMT, Chikato departed the Original Universe along with most of the rest of the Time Guardians when the Living Stars decided to take them on a quest across the multiverse to absorb their counterparts.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Explosion Induction - The power Chikato received upon being inducted into the Sha'lythe Sect is the power to create explosions of varying size and intensity with his mind.
  • Spatial Slicing - Using his sword, Chikato can create portals to other locations in time and space, and even other dimensions, by "tearing" reality. He can also seal tears created by himself and others.
  • Communal Telepathy - Chikato can telepathically communicate with any other Time Guardian or Living Star across space and time. However, he cannot use this to locate them.
  • Temporal Awareness - Chikato can instantly detect any attempts made to alter the time stream, no matter when or where these attempts take place.
  • Temporal Revision - Chikato has the power to create future alternate timelines by manipulating events in the past. He, like all Time Guardians, is forbidden from doing so without approval from several Living Stars.