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Chamber of Secrets
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The Chamber of Secrets was a location/device that Blackout used to kill Unicron so that he could absorb the titan's energy.


In 150,080 CMT, Blackout ordered a search for the Chamber of Secrets so that he could use its power to kill Unicron and release the titan's energy for himself to absorb.[1] Le Chiffre, Brawl, and a squad of upgraded Rahkshi were teleported down from Darkmount onto an unidentified planet to search for the entrance to the Chamber, but Le Chiffre decided that he would be the one to use the Chamber instead and had his Rahkshi attack Brawl.[2] Le Chiffre and his Rahkshi then left the battered Brawl and entered a cave that led them to the Chamber.[3] Le Chiffre sat in the Chamber's control chair and selected Unicron as his target, but his victory was interrupted by Blackout, who proceeded to slaughter Le Chiffre and his Rahkshi in an extremely dramatic fashion.[4] Meanwhile, the Chamber of Secrets fired an immense energy pulse at Unicron that killed him and released his energy as Blackout had predicted,[5] so Blackout teleported back up to Darkmount and had it fly over to what was left of Unicron so that Blackout could absorb his power.[6]



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