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Cassie is a strange, part-plant being who seems to be affiliated with Faerie Idol Belldandy. She was assigned to help Klak's group reach the Keruvim.


Cassie takes the form of a petite, greenskinned girl, with short blonde hair that has a pair of curled bangs framing her face and two red, rose-like flowers atop her head to the left and right. Her torso grows from a large flower with five pink petals and a vine coiled into some kind of large spring around the stem.


At one time, Cassie was a prized alchemist working for Caiaphus. However, at some point, Caiaphus attempted to mutate her into a beast which he could use in war - Cassie escaped, taking her knowledge of the Keruvim with her, and came to serve Belldandy.

When Klak, Aeturnus and Praepositus came to Vizima in search of the Keruvim, Belldandy sent Cassie to help them. After a tense introduction, the travellers decided to trust Cassie. She told them that the first step towards finding the Keruvim was lighting a nearby lighthouse, but before they could get there, Blackout appeared to ruin their fun. Cassie attempted to trap Blackout by springing vines from the ground to wrap around him, but he incinerated them with ease. Elsewhere in the forest, Belldandy detected the danger to Cassie and arrived to save her friend. After she destroyed Blackout's field of Eclipse energy with holy light, Belldandy teleported herself, Cassie, and the rest of her servants onto a city-ship, where they left Vizima for a safer location.

Later, Cassie sent Dantrice to check on the status of the Keruvim, but she was unable to find it, likely because the Knights of the Keruvim moved it when they left the planet.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Healing Magic - Cassie has displayed a proficiency in rejuvenating magic.
  • Vine Traps - By placing both hands on the ground, Cassie can spring several thorny vines on her opponent(s) from below their feet.