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Space Pirate Captain Eurobeat
Listen to Heartbeat! Whoah-oh!
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Space Pirate Captain Eurobeat, usually shortened to just Captain Eurobeat, is the new identity of User JS. This identity was created as a way for JS to deal with the dishonor of having been banned many times, and represents a clean (and very 80s) slate for the character. He is captain of the Night of Fire, and leads his small but loyal crew on adventures across the galaxy. He is also leader of Space Pirate Captain Eurobeat's Full Frontal Fighting Force. He possesses the Stand I Came Here To Laugh At You.


An atypical romantic hero, Captain Eurobeat enjoys posing, especially as a prelude to battle. To this extent, he will often change his pose mid-sentence. Understandably, he has a flair for the dramatic, and enjoys giving over-the-top speeches. Sometimes, he'll do a speech and pose, which seems to be an ability of his that generates immense amounts of power. When he has done enough posing, such amounts of power seem to be built up that he can discharge it from his fingertips in an incredibly powerful burst - one such attack tore a hole in reality (though it closed soon after). Being a reincarnation of User JS, Captain Eurobeat has all the power of a User, as well as an appreciation of robot dinosaurs garnered from a stint in a past life in which he was the Autobot, Grimlock.

He has an easygoing, cool personality. He has a second, more immature and childish persona which he adopts for the purposes of annoying others, though is capable of quickly snapping out of it. Captain Eurobeat considers himself something of a lady's man, and his frequent flirting is often interpreted as perversion; he does, however, have a strong sense of honor, and therefore holds a high level of respect for the women he encounters... even if, at times, he has a little trouble showing it.

Captain Eurobeat is named after Eurobeat, a form of disco music that gained immense popularity in Japan in the 1990s. It can be reasonably ascertained from this fact that Eurobeat is his favorite kind of music. With regards to naming, his titling himself as "Space Pirate Captain" Eurobeat was somewhat odd, as he wasn't a captain at all, let alone a space pirate captain - though this has been somewhat remedied by his becoming Captain of the Night of Fire.

Captain Eurobeat seems to demonstrate at least a limited understanding of the fourth wall, though the extent of this is unknown. He is also sensitive to an unknown "pressure", which seems to be generated by many of the incredibly powerful beings in the galaxy. As a result of this, he can sense their location at any given time - though he's not always able to detect who's generating the pressure that he's detecting.


Project D[edit]

Captain Eurobeat's first action was to take his ship to Malchior IV. He explained to Leslie Parrish that he believed that a being similar in power and intent to Uterio di Armechio existed within the known universe, as he was able to detect their pressure. He also stated that he believed this individual was someone who had previously existed and was waiting for the perfect moment to "resurface". To this extent, he sought out members of Project D, located in a MacDaniel restaurant on Malchior IV.

Having made contact with Damian Lewis, leader of Project D, Captain Eurobeat was informed of Mazkertis's existence. He traveled to the world of Saskana to defeat him.

Battle on Saskana[edit]

Captain Eurobeat arrived on Saskana and, after surveying the situation from an invisibility cloak, emerged and attempted to attack Mazkertis. He was successful only in grazing the wizard, before Mazkertis unleashed his vision of the Utopian Universe, and its inevitable destruction by Klak. Mazkertis attempted to persuade the fighters to rally against Klak, but Eurobeat refused, claming that as long as the Klak's turn to evil had not occurred, there was always a chance to prevent it. After this, he summoned the Full Frontal Fighting Force, consisting of Rylou, Telemecus, Tarturus and Nemesis. He offered Mazkertis one more chance to join their side and help prevent the calamity he had predicted from befalling the universe.

I Came Here To Laugh At You[edit]

I Came Here To Laugh At You

Captain Eurobeat possesses the Stand, I Came Here To Laugh At You. It has the ability to demoralize its opponents, generate forcefields, and fire destructive blasts of energy.

Alternate Universes[edit]

  • In an alternate universe known as the "Space Pirate Captain Eurobeat's Self-Insert Fanfiction" universe - Also called "The Roomiverse" by Kon, and generally identified by the prefix CE-, Captain Eurobeat is a successful banker who lives in a San Francisco apartment with his fiancée, CE-Sefer Yetzirah. He financially supports the orphaned CE-TMV, and is like a father to him, paying for an apartment in the same building as Eurobeat's for CE-TMV to live in until he graduates college. With all that being said, it's unclear if this is an actual alternate universe, or just a fan-fiction that Captain Eurobeat wrote.


  • Captain Eurobeat's appearance is that of the character Quattro Bajeena, from the 1985-86 anime series Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. He is named (atleast partly) after the titular protagonist of the 1978 anime Space Pirate Captain Harlock. Given Captain Eurobeat's apparent understanding of the fourth wall, it's entirely possible he himself is aware of this, or even directly responsible for those facts. Now, how's that for a postmodern narrative?
  • In addition to this, his Stand takes the appearance of the Hyaku Shiki, the mech piloted by Quattro Bajeena in Zeta Gundam. Its name refers to one of Quattro's most famous quotes.
  • According to a discussion in the RPG Chat, Captain Eurobeat's sexuality is listed on his birth certificate as "Space Pirate Captain Eurobeat". The reason his sexuality was even listed at all is a result of a betting ring going on, run by the head doctors at the hospital.
  • According to the same discussion, Captain Eurobeat's hair glows when exposed to Eurobeat. The doctors delivering him were able to observe this firsthand as, for some unknown, Eurobeat was being played in the delivery room. Why? Well, these are the same doctors that make bets about sexualities on birth certificates, so you can imagine they're not the most upstanding bunch...


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