Candle Jack

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Candle Jack
Home Reality

Candle Jack was a mysterious character who abducted and tied up anyone who said his name. His current status is unkno


Candle Jack was at some point imprisoned, but this did not stop him from abducting and tieing up anyone who said his name. Apparently, he and Klak were enem[1]

According to User MK, Candle Jack appeared once in the BZPB RPG, but he has not been seen si[2]


  1. Candle Jack (revision on 17:31, Mar 31, 2010): "One of Klak's enemies, he is going to make an appearance later on. Here, he will tie up anyone who says his name, and take them away to whatever prison he's in. Even Blackout isn't safe when Candle Jack is arou-"
  2. User:Klak: "I think he only ever appeared once. I wonder when Candle Jack will fina"