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Toa of Stone
Blockbuster serum-supplying gauntlet; some kind of armour on left shoulder.
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Bulwark is a Toa of Stone with a faint Hispanic accent and a tendency to use some Spanish phrases. He was one of the subjects for Project Blockbuster.



Bulwark is large and muscular. He wears some form of Nuva armor and a Pakari Nuva. On Bulwark's left shoulder is a black piece of armor with five vials containing a glowing silver liquid, and on right hand is a fingerless gauntlet. On the back of this gauntlet is a palm-sized disc; protruding out the disc's side are four vials of a glowing red liquid, and a tube connected right above the wrist goes up and into the back of neck. While under the effects of the Blockbuster HW-44 Formula, Bulwark's muscles get even larger, his stance grows wider, his neck thickens, and he slightly hunches over; however, the changes are not nearly as extreme as the main Blockbuster serum.


As said above, Bulwak has a Hispanic accent and inserts Spanish phrases into his sentences. He is very relaxed and a bit sarcastic, but is also downright ferocious in battle - Barely giving his opponents time to breathe between attacks.


Apparently, Bulwark has had quite a life story thus far. According to Nefelpitou, he was originally part of a resistance group trying to liberate their planet from a tyrannical Makuta. Unfortunately, only he and two others survived the battles.

Afterwards, they joined a faction which attempted to bring about a new Dark Hunters syndicate, but that failed. Bulwark and his two compatriots became criminals, starting with ship hijacking before moving onto interplanetary banks - They also began to attract more followers. Soon enough, this group morphed into a mercenary squad named the "Colmillos Sangrientos", the "Bloody Fangs"... until most were killed off by rivals.

It was soon after this that Bulwark and his few remaining allies joined Project Blockbuster. He's never told Pitou his real name, and simply prefers to go by the nickname "Bulwark".

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Blockbuster Serum[edit]

  • Enhanced Strength - Using an experimental formula of the Blockbuster serum supplied to his body by the gauntlet on his right hand, Bulwark greatly increases his physical abilities for combat. He has displayed great proficiency in unarmed combat, and is a swift, ruthless fighter.
  • Shocking Pulse - The armor on Bulwark's left shoulder can give off some kind of shocking pulse when it meets the enemy in a strong impact.

Elemental Powers[edit]

  • Stone Creation - Bulwark can create stone from his hands or his Toa Tools.
  • Stone Control - Bulwark has complete control over most forms of stone, and can cause them to levitate or form objects.
  • Stone Absorption - Bulwark can absorb certain amounts of rock into his body, which becomes stored for use in future elemental attacks.
  • Stone Nova Blast - If he had to, Bulwark could release all of his elemental energy in the form of a nova blast, which would be an explosion of rocks large enough to devastate an area the size of a large city.


  • Bane from DC Comics partially inspired Bulwark.