Brotherhood of Makuta warship

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The Brotherhood of Makuta warship is a class of ship used by the Brotherhood of Makuta. They are equipped with quantum resonance torpedoes, neutron bombs and cloaking devices, among other types of equipment. A fleet consisting of 3,000 of these warships decloaked in orbit of Bara Magna and destroyed Atero, Amphron and the Cabana IV. It was then attacked by 5 of Malygos's ships. The ships struck back, but, suddenly, a fleet of ships appeared, and all 3,000 ships warped away. Later, Blackout put the final phase of his plan into action, and ordered the warships to attack random planets. They were later called back to Blackout's base planet, and ordered to destroy Ynot, the Makuta Anima, and The Fallen, who were heading for the planet.

They may or may not be the same kind of ship as the Nemesis-class ship.