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Formal Name
Elijah Cromwell
Human (Super)
Date of Birth
March 22, 1894
Rockbay Metropolitan Area
Daughter: Cassandra Cromwell
  • Colt .45
  • His powers
  • His wealth, if necessary
  • His car
  • Any vehicle he could afford
  • Pirate crew (formerly)
  • The Protectors/Sense of Right Alliance
  • U.S. Army, Superhuman Division (both World Wars)
Home Reality

Elijah Cromwell, better known as Bravarius was a member of the Protectors and Sense of Right Alliance, defending the Rockbay Metropolitan Area from many evils, including the American Thule Society. A veteran of World War I, Elijah also volunteered to fight in World War II, sacrificing himself to end the Battle of Hawaii in 1945. His complex and paradoxical life of adventure, danger, and luxury formed him into a heroic figure of near-mythical status.


Elijah Cromwell was born on March 22, 1894 to the affluent Cromwell family. As the newest child in a long line of Old Money, Elijah lived a life of luxury for most of his early years. However, all this changed when he was kidnapped by pirates at the age of 8.

Life With Pirates[edit]

At first, Elijah lived in horrible conditions on the pirate ship. However, he eventually gained the favor of the captain, and became a member of the crew. As they traveled the world, Elijah learned a plethora of martial arts from various teachers, and eventually was taught about Kø. He later realized that he had his own set of abilities, and continued his training, sometimes skipping on his pirate duties. Eventually, this sowed conflict between him and the crew, which was compounded by the built-up resentment of being away from his parents for a decade.

Cromwell fought against the pirates and defeated all but one, sparing the kind captain and sailing with him to the Americas.

Returning to Rockbay and World War I[edit]

Now a grown man, Elijah reunited with his family and eventually adjusted back to his life as heir to the Cromwell fortune.

But this was short-lived, as he was drafted into the Great War not long after. Due to his powers originating from Kø, Cromwell was put into the newly formed Superhero Squadron. Elijah's abilities were tested during the horrific conflict, but he endured and earned the nickname 'Bravarius' for his courage.

When Elijah returned, he knew that he could not rest for long. The evils he fought all his life were taking root in his home of Rockbay. After extensive training and therapy, Bravarius took to the streets to fight crime.

The Protectors[edit]

After many years of fighting crime independently as the superhero Bravarius, Elijah was approached by Lionheart, another famous Rockbay superhero, who offered membership as part of the newly formed Protectors of Rockbay City. Elijah joined the organization and fought alongside many heroes, like Fascinax. Eventually, he met Evelyn Eccleston, The Willbender, and began a romantic relationship with her. He also later met a young super he would become close friends with: The Shadow Operative.

The Rockbay Incident[edit]

World War II[edit]


The Cromwell Accords, a treaty signed between the Japanese Empire and the United States near the end of World War II, were named after Bravarius to honor his bravery at the Battle of Hawaii. After the war, memorials were built in Rockbay City and Washington, DC by the Sense of Right Alliance, and in the Japanese Empire by order of Emperor Sefer Yetzirah.

At various points in the ensuing years, The Shadow Operative would remark on how much he missed his friend Bravarius.

Abilities and Traits[edit]

Bravarius has surpassed peak human strength, speed, and agility thanks to Kø, and is an expert in many martial arts and swordsman techniques. He also is an incredible shot, carrying his favorite Colt .45 at his side. Finally, Bravarius has technopathic powers, being able to dismantle machinery or remotely control it with enough concentration.

Most weapons could hurt Bravarius like they would any normal human. Additionally, he was extremely weak to telepathic attacks, finding himself crippled by even the most minute psionic offensive--a bizarre side effect of his technopathy. However, this would not apply to telepathic communication; as evident in his relationship with Evelyn.

Bravarius's costume was a red circus "strongman" suit with black boots, black gloves, and a black domino mask. He also carried a holster for his Colt .45 at his side. Additionally, he donned a stunningly realistic fake handlebar mustache.

Bravarius was known for his courageousness and kindness. As Elijah, Bravarius often engaged in philanthropy to help the poor. As Bravarius, Elijah was a team player and often a voice of reason that always encouraged others to do the right thing. Elijah was also charismatic in many ways, often using this to gain information from people he thought could not be trusted. One example was William Douglas Reed.