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The Bount were a vampiric species that were created as a result of a failed Makuta experiment. They have since all been exterminated by Blackout.


In 90,080 CMT, a Makuta scientist known as Katawa was working on a device that could turn spirit particles into regular matter because he did not know that such a device had already been invented elsewhere in the universe. Due to a miscalculation, Katawa's device accidentally created three living beings, two males and one female. These creatures proved incredibly violent, and had an ability (and the need) to feed on the life force of mortal creatures, not unlike Hollows. These creatures named themselves the Bount, and escaped to Earth, where they proceeded to live and breed in Europe. Most humans knew them as vampires, but most foolishly refused to believe in them. The Bount were wanted dead by spiritual authorities and the Makuta alike, and were classified as a Rank: A+ threat.

The Bount species was destroyed when Blackout used unstable hadrium to destroy Earth, thus ending the threat forever.


A Bount's main form of combat was summoning a being called a Doll. Dolls were a manifestation of a Bount's true power, much like a zanpakuto, except that they were more like familiars than spiritual weapons. A Doll could also detect weakness in its user's heart, and if they found that the user was insufficient to meet their ends, they would gladly kill and eat them. Because of this, Bount had to keep themselves firm at heart and can never show weakness, for danger of being consumed by their Doll. A Doll was summoned by focusing spirit energy into a special medium, anything from a deck of tarot cards to a metal sphere to even a bottlecap. Another Bount could control a Doll if they had the medium, though controlling more than one Doll was something that only a truly powerful Bount could accomplish. An example of a Doll would be the infamous Dracula, whose Doll took the form of a sulphurous mist, and could possess any animal of the night that breathed its substance in, such as a pack of wolves or a swarm of bats.