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Bota Magna
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Bota Magna is a jungle-covered planetoid in the Solis Magna system that was once part of the planet of Spherus Magna.


Early History[edit]

Bota Magna originally composed one third of Spherus Magna, with the other thirds being Aqua Magna (the Great Ocean) and Bara Magna (the Great Barren). Like the other sections of Spherus Magna, Bota Magna was inhabited by various elemental tribes of Glatorian, Agori, Skrall, and other species governed by the Great Beings. There were no major conflicts to speak of until a war broke out over the discovery of Energized Protodermis in the planet's core. Though the Great Beings were intrigued by the substance, they were careful in their extractions of it; the tribes, however, were reckless and desperate to harness its incredible transformative power for themselves. Eventually, the Great Beings discovered that the tribes' extensive mining of the substance had caused irreparable damage to the planet's infrastructure, and it was only a matter of time before it would violently split apart. Because it was too late to repair the damage to Spherus Magna's foundations, the Great Beings instead got to work on several contingency plans: the first was an artificial atmospheric shell capable of stabilizing the planet's chunks to ensure that Spherus Magna's life would live on after the planet; the second was a gigantic robot with the purpose of pulling the planet's chunks back together with gravity beams, which would effectively reform it into a spherical shape with minimal loss of life.

When "the Shattering" finally occurred, Bota Magna was one of the three main planetoids that Spherus Magna split into. The Great Beings succeeded in giving Bota Magna an artificial atmosphere and gravity so that the life found on its surface could continue to exist. Fortunately, Bota Magna's vast ecosystem received minimal damage during the cataclysm, so its native species and fauna continued to thrive despite the lack of a stable planetary core.

In the RPG[edit]

Toa Sreda ended up on Bota Magna some time after the Toa Idiotas disbanded during the 50,000 year leap between 100,080 CMT and 150,080 CMT. In 150,080 CMT, Ynot found Sreda on Bota Magna and told him that he was reforming the Idiotas. Sreda agreed to rejoin his former team (not that he was given a choice), so Ynot contacted the other Idiotas and told them to meet him and Sreda on Bota Magna. The reformed team was later picked up by Xeno and taken to Shinobi-Nui to be reunited with the rest of the Makuta Anima.[1]

Later that year, the Architect imbued Yon with a large amount of creation energy, wiped his memories of the encounter, fixed his ship, and sent him to Bota Magna.[2] Upon arriving on Bota Magna, Yon unwittingly released the creation energy that was stored inside of him, which restored Bara Magna and, when it spread further across the universe, Earth.[3]

Known Residents[edit]

Known Visitors[edit]


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  2. The Architect (revision on 16:59, Nov 17, 2010): "However, [the Architect] decided to mess around with the multiverse a bit more, and imbued Yon with some of his power, erased his memories of the encounter, and sent him to Bota Magna, where he ended up recreating Earth and Bara Magna."
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