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Bordaz clan
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The Bordaz clan was one of the largest clans in the original Ta'har Empire. It focused on environmental issues and wished for Ta'har colonies to be withdrawn from outlying planets.


The Bordaz clan was one of the largest clans in the original Ta'har Empire. It ruled the Ta'har Empire at some point in the distant past, but were considered unfit to rule the Empire in its latter days; with that honor going to the Kynono clan led by Kar Ta'harok of the Shattered Mirror Universe instead.[1] The Ta'har Empire collapsed and split into warring factions when Ta'harok disappeared, leaving the fate of the Bordaz clan unknown.[2]


  1. Ta'har Empire (revision on 21:28, Dec 22, 2009): "The Ta'har empire is actually a collective of Large Clans, however each clan is loyal to The Greater Cause and the current Ruling Clan. [...] The Bordaz clan is one of the biggest clans, but has been described as being "Too Unreasonable" for ruling. However, it has ruled in the past. It focuses on Enviromental Issues, and wishes for Ta'har Colonies to be withdrawn from Outlying Planets."
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