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Bob is a Toa of Earth from a distant planet who had met Klak many years ago. He fought in the Uterio War, but it was mostly in defense of his planet. When Klak was recently caught in a battle on Ulduar against Rebel forces, he called upon his old friend to aid him (as he believed that most of his friends were dead, and knew he could count on Bob because of their past history). When a large iron golem named Loken was summoned to fight off Klak and his allies, Bob helped battle the golem with Klak, Quolas and Tezzeret. After Loken was defeated and Tezzeret returned home, Bob stuck around to accompany Klak and Quolas through a portal to the Cabana Prime. Once there, Ynot explained that he was rallying forces against Malygos, who had just declared himself Emperor of the Universe.


He is helpful, but a bit of a joker, cracking humorous asides constantly. Bob is also a bit naive, but has a good heart.‏