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Toa Bob is a Toa of Earth who met and befriended Klak during the Uterio War. He is now a full-time member of the Claws of the Phoenix and has joined the fight against Mazkertis.


Bob is helpful, but a bit of a joker, cracking humorous asides constantly. He is also a bit naive, but has a good heart.‏


Early Life[edit]

Little is known about Bob's life before his first appearance in the BZPB RPG. It was said that he fought in the Uterio War when the Order of the Great Beings attempted to conquer his planet. Fortunately, Bob's people had assistance from Klak, who Bob fought alongside in the resulting battle in an effort to prevent his planet from being seized by Uterio's forces. Judging by the circumstances of their reunion almost two years later, it is likely that Bob felt indebted to Klak by the war, and offered his assistance to Klak whenever he would need it.

Bob also visited Lotcas at some point in time, but it is unknown when and for what reason.

Emergence on Ulduar[edit]

In 150,083 CMT, Tae'thelan Bloodwatcher hired Klak and Tezzeret to help him investigate the disappearance of a Dominion mining and excavation team on the planet Ulduar. Shortly after landing on the planet, Klak and the others were attacked by members of the resistance against the Dominion. During the battle, Klak encountered a druid, Mayael, who could turn his insect-summoning powers against him, so he decided to call for backup. However, because many of the close friends that Klak used to fight alongside (such as D-Klak, Abneris, and Jinx) had died in Ragnarok, he chose instead to call on the talents of someone he had not seen since the Uterio War: Bob, Toa of Earth. Klak opened a portal to Bob's location and telepathically requested his assistance. Bob happily obliged.

In his dramatic first appearance, Bob leaped from the portal and created a hand made of rock that grabbed and constricted Mayael.[1] However, the witch escaped through the use of a water spell.[2] Bob was confused by this, but created new restraints to trap Mayael's ankles regardless.[3] For whatever reason, Mayael chose that moment to drop her weapons and surrender to Klak.[4] Klak handed her over to Tae'thelan,[5] who handed her over to Yriel,[6] who transported her and the other rebels out of the mine, allowing the team (now including Bob) to proceed with their investigation of the ancient ruins.[7]

The first point of interest that the team came across was a statue depicting an androgynous-looking being.[7] Bob wondered aloud whether it was male or female. It was at this point that Klak realized that he had not introduced Bob to Tae'thelan and Tezzeret, so he corrected this mistake.[8] The group then ventured further into the ruins, but Tezzeret accidentally triggered an ancient security protocol that caused many golems to come to life and attack them.[9] Bob dodged the initial blasts and asked Tae'thelan what the golems were made of (in case they were made of a metal that he could manipulate),[10] but Tae'thelan replied that they were some kind of brass-steel alloy,[11] so Bob attacked a golem by creating a shockwave and a rift underneath it instead.[12] Bob also opened a chasm between some of the golems.[13] Tae'thelan scattered more with an explosion and urged the others to press on before the golems could regroup,[14] so Bob knocked more golems down with a shockwave and jumped on their heads to reach the other side of the room.[15] Unfortunately, that side of the room provided no more safety, because the group were immediately attacked by some kind of large mechanoid that flattened Tezzeret.[16] Klak was shocked, but Bob joked that Tezzeret would be okay, because he was "squishy" like a human. Klak responded by telling Bob to shut up, so Bob instead asked Tae'thelan if he knew what the mechanoid was while Klak attempted to keep it at bay with his gravity powers.[17]

The entire party were then knocked over by the mechanoid, which created a miniature earthquake by slamming the ground.[18] Bob responded by sending an earthquake of his own at the mechanoid, but it had seemingly no effect.[19] While looking for an advantage, Bob discovered a large warhammer in one of the crevices he created,[20] but was then immediately whacked across the room by the mechanoid, along with everyone else.[21] Bob was slammed into a wall,[22] but before the mechanoid could finish him off, Tezzeret destroyed it by ripping out its core.[23]

The group brushed themselves off and proceeded further into the ancient complex,[24] but discovered a gigantic golem, Loken, at its heart.[25] However, before any blows could be exchanged, they were interrupted by the appearance of Quolas, who had been tracking Klak via residual magical energy.[26] Klak was intrigued by Quolas, so he announced to the others that he would be leaving with him, but that Bob would stay to help Tae'thelan and Tezzeret complete their quest.[27]

A Malicious Ascension[edit]

Moments after Bob was volunteered by Klak to stay and help the Imperials, everyone in the chamber heard a universe-wide broadcast by Malygos, who announced that he had absorbed all the ambient magic in the universe and would become its new emperor as a result. Tae'thelan reacted to this news with glee, and revealed that the entire Ulduar mission was just a ruse to distract Klak while Malygos took over the universe. Tae'thelan ordered Loken to kill the others and left. Loken shot lightning at Bob,[28] but Bob blocked it with a slab of earth, then formed a giant earth hand which he intended to grab Tezzeret with to launch him at Loken's face.[29] Loken responded by shooting more lightning, which scattered Bob and Tezzeret.[30] Klak was momentarily distracted by a telepathic message from Trixitin requesting that they meet to discuss how to combat the ascended Malygos.[31] Quolas created a spacial tear behind Loken, which would be large enough for the golem to fall into if his allies managed to topple him,[32] so Bob sent another shockwave at Loken.[33] The golem was finally defeated when Klak staggered it with density control,[34] which caused it to fall into Quolas's spacial tear and disappear.[35]

With their quest completed (sort of), Klak decided that the next thing they should do was meet Trixitin on the Cabana Prime to discuss what action to take against Malygos's ascension. Quolas opened a spacial tear to the Cabana Prime,[36] which he, Klak, and Bob stepped through. Bob immediately introduced himself to Sasuken,[37] but was ignored, so he tried introducing himself to Kakamu instead.[38] Fortunately, Kakamu was much more enthusiastic about meeting Bob.[39]

The gathered allies then began discussing who else to recruit to their cause - Kakamu mentioned that he knew someone on Lotcas who could help them. Bob commented that he had been to Lotcas before, and that it was an interesting place. Encouraged by his friends' enthusiasm, Klak announced to the crew of the Cabana Prime that he would look for Kakamu's ally on Lotcas.[40] After waiting for one new arrival - Etende Rhaloff - to enter the ship, the Cabana Prime departed for Lotcas.[41] Bob attempted to introduce himself to Etende,[42] but she was so disoriented that she wasn't able to process his words at all.[43]

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Earth Creation - Bob can create varying amounts of earth through his hands, and shape them into constructs such as earth walls or "fists".
  • Earth Control - Bob has complete control over earth, and can shift it to create small hills and caverns with ease.
  • Earth Absorption - Bob can absorb certain amounts of earth into his body, which became stored for use in future elemental attacks.
  • Earth Nova Blast - In extreme circumstances, Bob could release all of his elemental energy in the form of an earth Nova Blast, which would be an explosion of soil large enough to bury an area the size of a large city.