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BoM Master
Matoran Universe
Brotherhood of Makuta
Home Reality

BoM Master was a Makuta warrior native to the Matoran Universe who frequently fought alongside Blackout.



BoM Master participated in many of BZPB's early events, including the war against the Daleks and the Battle of Xia. Unfortunately, all records of his appearances were lost in the Great Dataclysm. In the story, BoM Master disappeared after Blackout used the Vahi Cube to rewind time by six months, and has not been seen again.

The Far Future[edit]

In the far future, BoM Master reappeared and allied with Blackout against F-Klak and Ynot. He accompanied Blackout on his mission to recruit Kakamu to the cause, along with Dreadwind and Darkwing. When he met the insane Kakamu again face-to-face, Kakamu recognized him, but believed him to be an imposter, as he had not seen him since the Time Slip and believed him to be long since dead. In-between teleporting Blackout's group to the interior of his base, Kakamu teleported BoM Master to a dark forest instead, desperate to know how he survived, as he had found a way to track down survivors and he was not one of them. After BoM Master pushed Kakamu off and tried to reason with him, the madman completely forgot what he was doing, and teleported him to the interior of his base along with the others.

After loading up with weapons and equipment, BoM Master went with the group back to the shuttle they arrived on, and flew it back to the Sabre. He took the shuttle to fly off somewhere before the Sabre went to warp to Ynot's location to fight him.

Later, at the far end of the system, BoM Master was in handcuffs on the bridge of one of three ships belonging to the Hathoraxx Hunters. He was being held there by Tyl, who did not trust him despite having agreed to fight Ynot, because of something BoM Master did to them thousands of years earlier. He was still on one of the ships when the Barraca used its Void Manipulator to teleport the fleet away.