Blockbuster serum

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Creator: Nefelpitou
Type: Hyper-Steroid
Medium: Injection
Trade Status: Illegal
Stage of Development: Very Early?

Created by the mysterious Nefelpitou, the Blockbuster serum has been described as a "hyper-steroid". This means that it rapidly increases the subject's physical abilities, including high-speed muscular growth and the development of natural weapons, i.e., claws and fangs. From what Zev Raregroove has said, such a substance is illegal.

However, this brand has at least two serious disadvantages...At its current stage, it is only temporary, and apparently wears off after the body naturally breaks it down. The other, more serious side-effect is that, while the physical abilities of the subject are greatly increased, their mental faculties are diminished. As well, it is entirely possible that there are other side effects, perhaps even more unsavory than the latter of the known two.

The only thus-far seen example of the Blockbuster serum's effects on living creatures - A Toa of Air named Gleist - Became almost entirely bestial in mind. Among the mental costs are loss of speech (Instead making animalistic noises like growls and barks), and drastically-heightened aggression. It is also possible that there are more long-term effects to the mind, as prior to being injected, Gleist shows what appears to be an unnaturally sedate nature and utter compliance to whatever he's told, with no argument to the revelation that he was drugged into unconsciousness just to make him easier to transport, due to his fear of heights.

As the co-creator has revealed, multiple parties were involved in the Blockbuster serum's creation. In addition, a man named Voltaire was revealed to be one of the serum's first buyers - And Voltaire was the man behind the project which mutated Mad Pierrot into what he is today. Finally, Pitou has revealed that the serum is far from finished - In addition to existing variations, one of the final versions will cause permanent transformation of the subject.

So far, it seems that there are many who were willing to volunteer themselves for "Project Blockbuster" - However, as Pitou revealed, the majority of those are bandits and ship hijackers who are using the project to escape capture. To avoid these unsavory types, Pitou has placed heavy security around the serum and related equipment's production, as well as the training of test subjects.

Effects on the Body[edit]

Only one Toa has been seen under the Blockbuster serum's effects, but it is likely that similar changes occur in most humanoid species. These are mainly:


  • Increased Musculature
  • Lengthened, Heavily-Muscled Arms
  • Appearance of Claws, Fangs, etc., etc.
  • Stance Forceably Widened


  • Very Heightened Aggression
  • Speech Replaced by Animal Noises (Growls, Barks, etc., etc.)
  • Animal Response Replacing Sentient Response to Certain Stimuli
  • Levels of Anxiety


  • The basic idea and name for the Blockbuster serum came to User:Zev Raregroove/Zev: Dizzily Digital upon watching new DC Universe series Young Justice, and doing research on the name's history in the DC Comics franchise.