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Blegnekk is a proud Irumok bounty hunter. He has appeared on the Space Station where The Ironclad and The Bebop II were docked, purchasing a new, highly potent batch of the Blockbuster serum from Nefelpitou. Zev convinced Blegnekk to let Ed attempt to help him communicate with the others. After they talked, Blegnekk left for another part of the Station.



Typical of Irumok, Blegnekk is a tall humanoid with a rather long, thick neck. However, his entire head is covered by a mechanical helmet with a complicated apparatus on his mouth, no opening for the right eye, and a large red lens surrounded by a metal ring over the left eye. In addition, he wears a dark red bodysuit with countless whirring mechanical attachments on it.


Highly irritable and aggressive, Blegnekk is prone to yelling and using violence to express his displeasure with a situation. As well, he can hold a grudge for an extremely long time, and is very slow to trust those who have not proven their reliability. Though, he can also be quite jovial - The only problem is that there's no way to tell what will actually make him happy...He is also very gentle when he wants to be, and hates it when others apologize for what isn't their fault.


Though most of Blegnekk's past is unknown, it has been revealed that, before taking up the role of bounty hunter, he was the warchief of an Irumok village. His village was attacked by a malicious, former Storm Guardian of the Varia - Though the Varia's previous leader, Tyr, killed the Storm Guardian in punishment and came to the village personally to beg forgiveness on his knees, Blegnekk has never fully forgiven the organization itself, and seems to slightly dislike their current leader, Xanxus. Also, when he was very young, evil members of Ed's apparent race - Called "Cruel Whisperers" in Irumok'dolgh, while Ed is called a "Kindly Whisperer" - Attacked, and killed many of his friends.


"Blegnekk slust tirgh beh'orhikk. Grukkutt?" (Rough translation: "I kill traitors messily. Understand?")

- A warning to Nefelpitou, given while purchasing Blockbuster serum


  • Blegnekk's name was based on the thought: "Harshest, ugliest-sounding name possible without a lot of hard work thinking it up."