Blackout Destruction Society

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Blackout Destruction Society
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The Blackout Destruction Society was a group made up of four humans: Alex, Jack, Ben and Ollie. They randomly appeared and tried to attack Blackout, with downright pathetic results.


The Blackout Destruction Society was formed on Earth by four martial arts "specialists" who decided that it was their duty to take down the universe's greatest villain. They teleported to his location at the time (Ricochet's ship), and introduced themselves by having Jack sing a song. As soon as he finished, however, he was instantly decapitated with the Master Sword. Ollie kicked Blackout, but the titan's hardened metal exterior broke his leg off, which then ricocheted back into his head, killing him instantly. Blackout then blew up Ben and through a spear through Alex's chest.

Blackout thought that Alex had died, but the spear actually didn't collide with any of his major organs or blood vessels. He managed to survive long enough to perform CPR on a nearby Happy Person and escape.