Blackout's crime

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"Tell me... what do you remember?"
Most, if not all of, the posts in which the subject of this article appeared were lost in the Great Dataclysm.
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Blackout's crime is the motivation for Tahar'ok's entering of the Original Universe, besides his tracking down of Caiaphus. No record of the crime exists. Basically, SM Blackout is responsible for creating the Ta'har. However, the Great Beings were angry with Blackout because he made them too strong. As a result, they forced him to weaken the Ta'har.

Tahar'ok's logic is rather flawed. Firstly, the Ta'har are still stronger then they were before Blackout's tampering. Secondly, the main Blackout (Who Tahar'ok was fighting against) is not the same Blackout as the one who committed the "crime". Thirdly, if the Ta'har have turned out better from the whole experience, is it really a crime?

Tahar'ok has only ever talked about it in depth once, in a conversation with Caiaphus. The oration goes as follows:

It is unknown whether or not this "billions of years ago" refers to an exaggeration of the amount of years that the Ta'har have existed, an actual amount of time (which would conflict with the established Timeline), or a display of how time passes differently in the SM Universe.