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Black Six
BZP Admin Team (formerly)
Home Reality

Black Six, also known as B6, is a User, and the former head administrator of BZPower. He spent most of his time trying to clean up after troublemakers.


Black Six was the chief admin of BZPower. As such, his duties included keeping order, and cleaning up after the more troublesome citizens. Mostly the latter. At one point, he had to deal with a Māori protester who had been causing trouble. While he managed to fight off the Māori, their interference had resulted in the creation of Shika, a virus that would cause him much grief until he seemingly left.

B6's attention was eventually drawn to a game several of his members were playing, BZPB. He initially dismissed it as mere entertainment, only to be proven completely wrong when characters from the game started showing up in the real world. He tried to get the situation under control by imprisoning Malygos and Ynot, but Xeno broke them out while they were distracted.

When Blackout created a new super-powered body for himself and attacked BZP, B6 commanded the defence forces. While he was relieved that Blackout had managed to accidentally kill some annoying protesters, he was also rather annoyed about the two huge robots (Ynot being the other one) smashing up his city. He teamed up with his former enemy, Shika, who transported them to Hueco Mundo.

Later, Black Six was convinced by Angonce to limit the Architect and his friends' powers, so that they could not act against the Great Beings in the Uterio War.

When Blackout attacked yet again, B6 tried to fight him off, but was interrupted by David Robert Jones, who gunned B6 down and then left with Blackout. This didn't faze the User in the slightest, but it annoyed him greatly. He then ordered the planet to be locked down so the damage could be repaired.

By the time the Uterio War had ended, the city had been rebuilt. B6 continued to limit the Architect and his friends' power on the orders of TPK, new leader of the Great Beings, who didn't want them to interfere with his plans either. The Users decided they were tired of this, and attacked the Staff HQ in what would be known as the Battle of the BZP Staff HQ. B6 found himself facing the Architect himself, and turned out to be more than a match for him. It took the intervention of Poe's troops to finally bring the admin down, but the Architect was stopped from finishing him off by Orion Pax, who took him to Mordor on TPK's orders.

Two years later, Black Six resurfaced on Ailyb-Gypte, imprisoned inside a container and pleading for death. How he got there, and the identity of his jailers is currently unknown.

Abilities & Powers

Black Six has considerable physical strength, and his preferred weapon is the banhammer. He also possesses the 42 Makuta powers, except shadow, which is replaced by light.

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