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Faerie Idol Belldandy, or just Belldandy, is a female spirit who inhabited and protected a forest on Vizima close to the Keruvim.

Overall, next to nothing is known about Belldandy - Which makes her just like a disturbing number of characters and groups. However, she has shown herself to be a kindly spirit who generally does not like confrontations.

After Blackout followed Klak, Nadle, and others to the forest and fought with them, Belldandy chose to relocate her people elsewhere to protect them from the mad titan. She was seen to leave the previous resting place of the Keruvim on a cityship, taking Cassie and the Dark Gnomes with her. Her current whereabouts are unknown.


For the most part, Belldandy is kind, generous, and helpful. Usually smiling, she's quite pleasant to be around. Belldandy prefers to remain a pacifist, but if someone tries to bully her, she's quick to show that she's no pushover. One thing that appears to make her very angry is someone damaging her face in any way.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Although her abilities are a mystery for the most part, Belldandy seems to cast spells through singing. She also has some notable fighting ability.

  • Highly Agile - Belldandy's speed appears to be one of her greatest direct combat attributes.
  • Excellent Reflexes - Her reaction time is incredible - Sweepkicking Praepositus to the ground after he lightly scratched her face and pinning his swordhand before he could counter.
  • Calm Rain Song - Causes a downpour of soft rain over a large area. The water has a calming effect, and while it can drench flames, the rain appears to leave most creatures dry for some reason.