Battle of Destral (OU)

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Battle of Destral
Part of the Time Slip arc


100,080 CMT




Original Universe


Brotherhood of Makuta

Makuta Anima/
Silver-Silver alliance

Jarr's team

Faction Goals

Take over the Matoran Universe.

Stop Blackout from taking over the Matoran Universe.

Get revenge on Blackout for destroying Nynrah.


Ynot is displaced into Chronospace, Jarr is blasted into the sea, and Silver-Silver is sucked into a portal to Bara Magna. In their absence, Blackout takes over the Matoran Universe.

This article is about the battle that concluded the Time Slip arc. For other meanings of "Battle of Destral", see Battle of Destral (disambiguation).

The Battle of Destral was the conclusion of the Time Slip story arc. It took place when pretty much everyone invaded Destral and tried to kill Blackout. They failed, mainly because DRJ, in what he now feels was a terrible move, forced everyone to skip to the Bara Magna story arc mid-battle.

In the end, Blackout took over the MU, and Ynot was displaced into chronospace. More details can be found in the short story which expands on the battle.