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Baterra was a Great Being assassin android that was found, abandoned and glitched, on a far away world by Makuta Caiaphus himself. He employed it in his service for a time.

However, it seems the Makuta no longer had any use for the shapeshifting droid, as he abandoned it on the Mata Nui II, with the Keruvim trapped inside of its body (Caiaphus had "reprogrammed" it, placing the artifact in his body, ala Cad Bane). When all hope seemed lost for our insane baterra, Klak saved it by removing the artifact. The baterra was later thrown into a portal. Here, it went through a great deal of film references and insanity, and found its way on some random ship.

Somehow, it ended up close to Klak, and merged with something shiny. That turned out to be the Keruvim. But it was removed.

After plenty of adventures being at Klak's side, the Baterra ended up joining the Rebel Alliance, and helped D-Klak fight off the Pirates in the Battle of Liquid-Metallicon.

Afterwards, he was kidnapped by Angonce and his scientists, who experimented on him, turning him into a weapon to purge all remaining war veterans.

This resulted in transforming him into a mindless murdering monster, as demonstrated in his brutal murder of a Uterio War combatant, and attempted murder of Klak and many of the plague victims of RacKoon City. However, the Baterra was shut down, and was researched by Malchiorian scientists in an attempt to reverse the effects of Angonce's experimentation.

He escaped the research facility and united with Rahn and Shadow Blade, agreeing to help them.

The Baterra has continued on his mission, but he was recently kidnapped by mysterious scientists who tried to extract information out of him. After his escape, he confronted a Ta'har that had fought in the First Battle of Side 8, and had a brief skirmish with him.

Abilities and traits[edit]

The baterra was completely insane while it was glitched. However, since his reprogramming by Angonce, he has become deadlier and more intelligent. He has the power to shape-shift.

This creature is an extreme survivalist, able to live through almost any condition.