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BZPB Reborn is a text-based RPG, and is as a reboot of BZPB. It was started on March 30, 2015, to replace the aforementioned RPG as the primary RPG on


  • Unlike BZPB, copyrighted material is banned. Whereas BZPB was originally set in the Bionicle universe, and gradually incorporated characters and elements from other works of fiction, BZPB Reborn is intended as an original work from the start.
  • Blackout, the main villain from BZPB, is now a human named Edward Allman.
  • Malygos is now called Veras, and possesses a different appearance.
  • Klak's name is a nickname given to him by his adoptive parents, as opposed to his true name.
  • Various characters such as Klak and Kakamu have had their races changed, as they were originally members of races taken from the Bionicle universe, which is now disallowed.
  • The plot is much simpler, with fewer threads occurring concurrently. Presently, it revolves around Edward Allman's ambitions for galactic conquest, and the consequences of them.
  • The tone is much, much different. The RPG has a more mature tone, with an emphasis placed on character and narrative development over flashy fight scenes. Because BZPB Reborn has fewer characters, the few that it does have are more well-developed as a result, and elements of realpolitik have been brought in, garnering some emphasis.

The Setting[edit]

BZPB Reborn takes place in the future, in the Reborn Universe, and primarily within the Milky Way Galaxy. The exact time is unknown; the year in which the opening post is set is referred to as AR-0 here on the wiki, but this is purely an out-of-universe designation. One post puts the year at 2025 AD, though the canonicity of this is dubious at best.

The Milky Way Galaxy in BZPB Reborn is dominated by various interstellar empires and nations, and inhabited by innumerable alien races. The setting follows a traditional space opera format, though various elements from other genres of fiction are present, such as magical beings and powers. As such, BZPB Reborn is difficult to classify as anything other than 'Soft Science Fiction'.

The Cast[edit]


In order of appearance:

  • Edward Allman - the primary antagonist, and leader of the Tanari Confederation. Unlike the original Blackout, Allman is an advanced superhuman. Most of the RPG currently revolves around his desire to conquer the galaxy, and the consequences of his actions. Controlled by User Heat.
  • Yenot - the BZPB Reborn version of Ynot. He is an assassin with ferokinetic powers, who is in the service of Edward Allman. Controlled by User Ynot.
  • Klak - a young cyborg man, who is a police officer in Control City, the capital of Malchior IV. Controlled by User Klak.
  • Sefer Yetzirah - a young woman who is leader of the Takemikazuchi Empire. Currently the only female member of the primary cast. Controlled by User JS.
  • Kuromatsu - a character analogous to BZPB's Zev Raregroove. He is prince of the world of Arbottei. Controlled by User Zev.
  • Veras - the BZPB Reborn version of Malygos. Like Malygos, Veras is a being of unknown age or origin, and possessed of great magical power. Currently the only asexual member of the primary cast. Controlled by User Malygos.
  • Kakamu - a young Tekkui man. Kakamu is similar to his original iteration, possessing a sense of justice and heroic qualities. Controlled by User Kon.
  • Niflheim - A mysterious water elemental. Controlled by User Nif.
  • Dallas Dalton - A mysterious man, who leads the organization known as the Diamond Dogs. Controlled by User Claymore.


In order of appearance: