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Axl Low
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Love Interests
Megumi Saito (girlfriend)
Twin sickles connected by a chain
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Axl Low is an ally of Zev Raregroove, and apparently the two go way back — farther back than the conflict with Blackout, in fact.

Axl is quite wild and freespirited, and doesn't like others trying to impose authority on him — not even Zev can claim to hold any sort of control over Axl. However, there are two people Axl will always listen to: His mother, and his girlfriend Megumi.

Though his exact combat abilities are unknown, Axl is held in high regard by Zev, and is said to be Raregroove's approximate equal.


When Axl first appeared in BZPB, he had apparently been looking for Zev for a long time. When he finally found him outside Desperado Enterprises on Hei Fon 4, Axl ran up to him and they engaged in some joyful banter and a brohug. Namah also recognized Axl, and they did the same. They brought Axl inside to catch up further.

When the Ethereal Sandglass Guild attacked the Conquistadores, Axl helped his friends fight them off with his twin sickles.


  • He dislikes iced tea.
  • Axl Low appears to be based mainly on Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses.

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