Axel Storm

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Axel Storm
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Axel Storm was a human member of the Atlantis Expedition who fought in the Battle of Lantea.


Axel Storm was an Earth-born human who was drafted into the Atlantis Expedition. He and the expedition spent several years on Atlantis, which they studied to learn more about the Great Beings. Eventually, the human encampment was attacked by Blackout, who had become interested in the mythological city and wished to claim it for himself. In the ensuing battle, Axel took control of his personal battle vehicle, the Typhoon, in order to defend against Blackout's attack. The Typhoon was hit by multiple drone weapons, but Axel shrugged it off and fired a very large missile at Darkmount, but it did no damage whatsoever. More drone weapons were then fired at Axel, but they were blocked by the Typhoon's forcefield.

The Typhoon then served as a landing pad for a falling and injured Trantoshen. Unfortunately for Axel, a Dalek fleet then appeared and blew it up. He didn't survive.

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