Atuar Sadiares

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Atuar Sadiares is a space station owned by Lan, a (previous) friend of Yon. It has been invaded twice, first by Vok's Elites and then by Deathsaurus's pirates a couple of years later.


Atuar Sadiares is huge, and one of the biggest space stations in its sector. It has complexes branching out from the lower, middle, and upper sections in all directions. It serves as a news and entertainment transmission center, but also as an intergalactic hotel for the rich homeless or refugees of war. Its current population is approximately 10,000,000 organic and inorganic life-forms. Its weaponry has yet to be demonstrated.

Its security system is said to be impressive when in use, but has a major flaw in that all shields and weaponry can be instantly deactivated with a single push of a button in Lan's office. Recently, Deathsaurus's men stormed said office and held a gun to his head to do this. So... yeah, it needs revising.

Known Current Residents[edit]

Previous Residents[edit]


  • Atuar Sadiares is the place where Kon leaves his characters when he has nothing more to do with them, rather than kill them off.
  • Its involvement in the capture of Yon by the Terugan elites was heavily inspired by Cloud City from the Star Wars franchise - right down to its owner, Lan, who is a Terugan version of Cloud City's owner Lando Calrissian, who betrays his friend, the protagonist, to the Imperial forces.
  • The actual purpose of the space station as being both a living space and a news/entertainment broadcaster, as well as having a "floor" system, was inspired by Satellite Five from Doctor Who.