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Atteka is a vast continent on Bara Magna that is separated from Agori society by a large mountain range.



Atteka was named and colonized by an unknown spacefaring species that moved into the western region of Bara Magna at some point in the planet's history. The city of Contigo was constructed in Atteka.[1]

In 100,080 CMT, Silver-Silver gathered a large number of allies to help him cross the mountain range that separated Atteka from most of the rest of the world. He was able to cross first because he was only carrying his blade and essentials, but he was soon attacked by a group of mountain bandits, so Tashigi was forced to go ahead as he fought them off. Silver-Silver was separated from his party in the encounter, but he found Ran Fan again, who proved to be a step towards locating the others. He eventually succeeded in crossing the mountain range and emerged into the Bara Magna we know, which is where he became caught up in the affairs of the Agori.[1]

Later that year, Atteka was destroyed when Makuta Blackout teleported a large quantity of unstable hadrium into the core of Bara Magna,[2] but both the planet and Atteka were recreated by Yon and the Architect in 150,080 CMT.[3]



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