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The subject of this article appeared in posts or stories that have since been lost in server crashes.
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The subject of this article appeared in content that was lost in the Great Dataclysm or subsequent server crashes. However, the events of those posts and stories are still considered canon and should be added regardless. Add what you remember!
Angeloid Delta
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Angeloid Delta, AKA Astraea, is the Close Combat-Purpose Delta-Type Angeloid. She was seen fighting Caiaphus, and was strong enough to put a huge gash on his "face". Although the other Angeloids have faith in her, Nymph has revealed a trait of Astraea's that could be her downfall in the end...

She's dumb. Like, "asked Caiaphus if he played basketball"-level dumb...


Astraea has a full figure, long blonde hair, pale purple eyes and mechanical ears shaped like wings. She wears a dark purple vest, matching short-shorts and thigh-height boots of a matching purple.


The entirety of Astraea's involvement in BZPB was lost in the Great Dataclysm. All we know about her now is that she hung out with the other Angeloids and fought Caiaphus once.


Astraea weilds a shield and sword; the sword is reminiscent of a gladius, and the shield is a pale purple. She appears quite skilled with them.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Enhanced Strength - Astraea has ridiculous physical strength; enough that she could move Caiaphus's body with a single strike.
  • Enhanced Speed - She is in possession of incredible speed -- She almost looks like a shooting star at her travelling speeds.

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